Thursday, June 24, 2004


I don't have much to say, today...
I saw a most beautiful sunset this evening.  I see sunsets a lot more now, than I used to, since I go to the Y in the evening, and they have big picture windows.  The sunset seemed to last forever, it was orange and pink and purple until the sky finally faded to blue.
But I never get to see sunrises anymore.  I lived in a little town in Germany for a while, based on a hill, and our townhouse was at the very top.  I was treated every morning to a sunrise, looking out over the valley.  I was so sad when we moved away.
I didn't see any more sunrises after that until I started working nights out at the airport.  I would get off at dawn, walking to my car through a huge empty parking lot, and see the most incredible sunrises every day. 
I miss that.
I'm feeling sad, out of it, and so tired.  I think I had too little sleep and too much time to think today, or something, and despair visited tonight.  But for a little while, watching the sun set, I felt so happy and thankful to be alive in a world where such beauty is to be found.  I think watching the sun rise and set every single day would be good for us.
There's always beauty, somewhere...