Thursday, June 10, 2004

Now, wait a minute...

Dear Ray Charles,
Thank you.
Thank you for using your talent and making millions of people happy every time they ever heard one of your songs.
Thank you for 'Georgia On My Mind'.
Thank you for collaborating with artists of every genre, through many decades, and spreading the wealth of your talents, from 'Baby Grand' with Billy Joel, to 'Seven Spanish Angels' with Willie Nelson.
Thank you for 'Come Rain or Come Shine' and 'That Spirit of Christmas'.
And thank you for taking 'America the Beautiful' and making it, still beautiful, and wholly yours.
I can't imagine a world without you, and you will be greatly missed.


  1. Michelle,

    What a great tribute to a wonderful singer!  He will be missed!


  2. what a beautiful entry for a great man.  Julie

  3. I can't believe he's gone.  He's one of those talented artists who's been around for so long you thinkg he's going to be around forever.  His music was a gift to all of us.  Thank you, Charles.  We'll be seeing you.

  4. a beautiful tribute, michelle.  very touching.  i too am very saddened by his death.  he was a very talented man, truly one of a kind.