Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Good news and alternate news...

Yesterday was both much better than I expected, in some ways...but the news we got from the doctor wasn't as glowing as I wanted!
Her surgery was at the Children's Hospital, which we've never been to before...and now I refuse to go anywhere else!  Is is made especially for children, and it's all about making them comfortable, easing their fears, etc.  It was perfect!  The last time she had to get an IV she cried and cried...but yesterday, she barely knew it was happening, the RN doing it was so good.  AND they let her take Purr (stuffed kitty) back into surgery with her...they even gave Purr a matching hospital bracelet to go on her paw, with her name on it!  My daughter was thrilled by that one...
The doctor came out after the surgery and let us know that there were layers of layers of gunk that she hadn't expected...and that she found a tiny hole on the edge of the graft (that had repaired the previous hole)...and lots of granulation tissue (whatever that is, I didn't think to ask so now I'll have to remember to ask at the follow-up appointment!).  As she's not sure that the infection's completely gone, C will have to take eardrops for five more days, and oral medicine for another week, and then go back in for a checkup, and then they'll see if the tiny hole is still there...and if it is, she may need additional surgery to repair that.
And wow, we were NOT expecting to hear 'additional surgery' yesterday, that really bummed us out for a while...
So then we brought her home and she laid in bed for the rest of the day and we waited on her hand and foot, because the nurses at the hospital told her that we would (Thanks, nurses, I appreciate that! LOL)...
At the hospital, a whole troop of our family was there, me, and D, my mom, and my grandparents, and our preacher from church...
And when we got home, phone calls from my brother, my aunt, and her friends, checking on her...
And a balloon bouquet from my friends at work arrived at the door for her - that was thrilling!  She also came out of this with the new 'Incredibles' DVD (D bought that for her...).
I'm very grateful to have such a support system of people who love my daughter, it means so much to me.
p.s. As for how she's doing now...she was very pale the rest of the pale it really had us worried and we kept trying to push food down here so as to get our rosy-cheeked girl back...she cried and cried last night with the eardrops, which the doctor had told us to expect they would sting a little...she's also having some bloody drainage which really freaked her out but she's a lot better now after I talked her down...this morning she was MUCH better, still a little wobbly-legged but back to rosy cheeks, no drainage, no fever, and so I sent her off to school.  She's doing great!


  1. Yay (((michelle)))!
    I'm so happy to hear that the surgery went well, nobody ever wants to hear "additional surgery"  but at least they found the cause of her fevers and her reason why her ear infections weren't healing. What an awesome hospital to go to such lengths to make sure you & C were comfortable and unafraid! It's so hard to find people who actually DO care now a days.
    Great news! Thanks for the update ;o) I will continue to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers, lets hope that tiny hole heals on it's own!
    Love & Hugs,

  2. What a brave girl :o)
    I'm glad everything went so well for your daughter.  The hospital sounds like an amazing place, it must set your mind at rest that she's being properly looked after.  And how lovely to have so much support from friends and family, she's a lucky girl to be so loved.  Hoping she continues to do well, and that the tiny hole doesn't cause any further problems.
    Sara   x

  3. I'm not surprised about all that gook in her ear.  With all that pus and drainage coming out -- there was definitely an awful infection in there.  I wish they would've done this much sooner.  I'm so very relieved about how they made the experience as reassuring as possible.  It's awful going to the hospital!  So Scary!!  I wish they would do all that stuff for adults too.  

    you have an awesome boyfriend, family, friends, and pastor!!!  Situations like this show you exactly how loved and blessed you are.  See how much you and C mean to others??  A whole, whole lot!  Remember that next time you're feeling totally down and out, and struggling just to make it another moment.  

    You need to marry that man, Michelle!!!  He is a wonderful man!  Woman, if you won't..... I will!!!  lol.   Give him my number for pete's sake.  giggles  On second thought -- forget about it -- he'll be fantasizing about you for the rest of his life.  He obviously loves you and her with all his heart.  

    Please take good care of you and C.  I'm thinking about you both and praying as well.  Much love to you, chick!!!

  4. Wonderful! I am glad she's doing good! I will keep her in my prayers that this will have to be the last surgery! Aren't Childrens hospitals great! I wish there was one closer because I'd loved to work in one, and to have one for my kids. They totally cater to the kids, and that is great! Hang in there!

  5. I am so glad C is feeling better!!  I was so worried thinking about you two!!  I am so glad to hear you had a wonderful support group with you at the hospital too!!  And the balloon bouquet!!  How sweet is that!!  
    Children's hospitals are the best.  Josh has been in and out of our here all his life so far...they make a huge difference in how they make a child feel.  I love what they did for Purr...that must have helped her so much!!!  
    I will keep C in my prayers that this will all help her and make her so much better....