Tuesday, March 15, 2005

It's a beautiful day, so far...

Today is hospital day!  I've been so nervous about this day for weeks, and now that today is here, I'm perfectly calm...the nerves seem to have finally caught up with my daughter, instead!  She's been assuring me for weeks that today was "no big deal"...but last night and this morning she's REALLY started to get nervous...maybe only one of us can be nervous at a time!
I'm dreadfully behind I'm on my journaling, I'm kind of hoping I'll get a chance to do it today after we get back home and I get her tucked safely into bed...
She's wondering if she can take her "Purr" (stuffed kitty) into surgery with her...I've assured her I'll keep Purr safe until it's over, and then she'll have her in recovery...
Now I'm going to go get in the shower and get ready for our trip downtown and only envisioning best case scenarios today!


  1. Sending positive vibes your way for your daughters hospital visit.
    Am sure that it will all be fine, I'll be thinking of you both.
    Let us know how she gets on, if you get a moment.
    Sara   x

  2. Keeping you and C in my thoughts and prayers ;o) everything will be just fine my friend!
    Update us soon, k?
    Love Ya!

  3. Good luck! Hope everything went well!

  4. Thinking of you both today.  ((((hugs)))  You both are in my thoughts and prayers...please let me know how the day went.  
    Love, Julie

  5. Thinking and sending only good thoughts and wishes your way! Update us soon about how everything went!