Monday, March 21, 2005

Is there anything besides this?...

March Madness (noun) -
1.  The annual college basketball tournament to determine the NCAA champion.
2. A state of mind associated with the NCAA Championship Tournament.
Symptoms are: desire to watch basketball games until 1 a.m.; compulsion to read every word of the sports section; and temptation to participate in office pools.
Help! I have all the symptoms...was there anything besides college basketball going on this weekend? 
Well, not really, not where I live...the city, and, I'm sure, the state, came to a dead stop Saturday evening when my team played (GO BIG BLUE!)
No one knows what it's like to be caught up in the madness, until you visit Kentucky during basketball season and become's not a game, it's a religion!
I did manage to tear myself away from the TV a few times this weekend, though...we went to the Macaroni Grill Friday mom called and asked if we wanted to meet her there, and having just been reminded by Angel of how nice it is (what a coincidence!), we had a very nice time...AND I got to draw pretty pictures on the table, that's always a plus!
I took my daughter to the Y Saturday morning, treadmill, strength training (me), rock climbing wall (her! not me!)...then we went to see 'Because of Winn Dixie' at the movies Saturday and was VERY pleasantly surprised at how good it was!  We loved it!  I had avoided going to see it because, you know, it's a 'dog' movie...but no sad ending for this movie, it was all good...
So can we talk about basketball some more? I know I'm a girl and this isn't a sports journal and I never talk about the fact that I watch every single Kentucky game, and that I record every single Kentucky game, every year, in case it might become a classic (e.g. the UK v. LSU 'Mardi Gras Miracle' that I DO have on tape because, yes, I recorded it!)...and I know that I'm actually a Louisville grad and they are also still alive in the tournament (yay) but it's not a conflict at all, I'm glad Louisville wins but I DIE if Kentucky loses...and how about that West Virginia-Wake Forest game? Wasn't that good? Two overtimes...take that, Wake Forest, I don't want to hear anymore whining about how come you were not a number one seed...Texas Tech still in it, I wonder if the players are afraid of last observation about Kentucky, three of the head coaches in the Sweet Sixteen this year are or have been Kentucky's head coach (Tubby, Slick Rick, and Eddie Sutton...pretty rare, if that's even ever happened before...and, okay, one last GO BIG BLUE!
Anyway, I just finished reading a Great Book, Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk...I know that there's a movie out based on it but I've never seen it, but the book was first and it is awesome!  I finished reading it today and immediately started rereading it, which is always a good sign...
I think that's all for now, because I have to go and put some clothes in the dryer and more in the washer...I'm so hungry because I didn't get to have supper tonight, I got home from work and my daughter begged me to take her to the skating party so I had to turn around and go back out...there's poor hungry parents all over town tonight, probably, like me, who were stuck at the skating party with only the prospect of stale chips and candy bars for dinner, whatever was sold at the skating rink...but she had lots of fun, and me sitting at the skating rink for two hours...well, that's how I had two full free hours to finish my book!


  1. I hope you watch my Wisconsin teams!!  LOL

    Hmmm...the movie was really you got me thinking I may have to go out and get the book!!

    *huge hugs*

  2. ...AND I got to draw pretty pictures on the table, that's always a plus!

    ROFL~ OMG! I was writing "Angel luvs Joey"  all over the place like I was 16!! lol. Joey kept telling me to stop...hehe.
    It's so good to hear you all cheery!! :o)   I should be down in Ulysses in a few weeks, friend of mine is having a baby shower. Maybe we should get together at the macaroni and write all over the tables! :::giggle:::
    Love & Hugs,

  3. You forgot Herb!  That makes three of Rick's "off spring".  Joe loves to retell the time when Rick got himself evicted from a game and left Herb to run the team! They won!! Joe said Herb looked like he was going to have a heart attack.  But he pulled it together.  

  4. What am I talking about!  I meant that (because I so completely mis read what you wrote!) that so many of the head coaches have been on Rick's staff.  I love Rick, can you tell! Eddie still makes me cringe a little. Ky shame and all that.

  5. The closest thing I can think of to your 'March Madness', over here, would probably be when the England footy team are playing, either in the Euro's or the World Cup.  The place turns into a ghost town because everyone is home or at the pub watching!!  We have the Euro, then two years later the World Cup, then two years later the Euro, etc etc.  Nothing this year :o(
    Sara   x

  6. At your house it's March Madness.  At our house it's April Madness (Baseball).  It's on the horizon; baseball, baseball, and more baseball.  Lots of yelling too.  Pennie