Wednesday, March 30, 2005


I had a rough time getting out of the house on Easter morning...any other Sunday, I get to church on time (well, my usual five minutes late for Sunday School, no problem), but this Sunday...well...
I know what the problem was.  I usually just wear my work clothes to church...dressy casual dark slack-type clothes, and my black Skechers, of course!  I've gotten used to being the only woman at my church who doesn't wear dresses, I hardly even notice it any more. 
But my grandmother bought me this lovely purple skirt and jacket-type thing for my birthday, that's been hanging in my closet ever since, that she begged for me to wear at least for Easter, before it's relegated back to my closet with all my other lovely skirts and dresses that my grandmother has bought me...
So that was the problem.  I know it took me twenty minutes to figure out how the stupid skirt went.  It had TWO slits in the front, when I finally figured it out...whoever heard of that?!
When I finally emerged from my bedroom, all dressed and grumpy and purple, D laughed and laughed when I told him about my skirt confusion.  I think his exact words were, "You girly-girl, you...".  It's a good thing he also told me how nice I looked!
But after the rough start, Easter settled down into a good day.  What's a little skirt grumpiness compared to the magnitude of what this day means to Christians like me?
It was also my grandma's birthday.  After church, the whole family went to my grandma's house for dinner.  Then C and I, and my cousin, made Easter eggs.  After that, things are a little hazy because I fell asleep on D's knee in the family room, but I vaguely remember the kids having their Easter egg hunt inside (it rained outside all Easter long).  Then my grandma opened presents, we had birthday cake, and we watched the Kentucky game,
insert big sad :( here, nothing worse than fighting through two overtimes and still losing...but I'm still so proud of my team...I love my Cats!...
I was sitting around the table with my mom, and my grandma, and my aunt, and my cousin, and my daughter...everyone else was in the family room or the living room or elsewhere...and my grandma boasted about how she still had her eastern Kentucky accent...and my mom and my aunt said, no, not like you used to, and then they all started talking over each other in this old language...the language they all had forty years ago when they still lived in the mountains of eastern Kentucky.
I just remember feeling so lucky, sharing amused glances with my daughter and my cousin, that we all shared a moment like that, together, in 2005.  Every holiday seems like a precious gift, to make just one more memory with your family.


  1. There is nothing better than spending holidays with family in my book.


  2. So it started off a little rough...but it ended just beautifully!!  You are very blessed!!!
    I thought of you the whole time as we were watching first Wisconsin lose...and then I was so hopeful for was such an exciting game...too bad they lost. :(
    Glad you Easter was so good!!!

  3. I am glad you had a nice visit! Your dilemma sounds like me when I try and get dolled up! Nothing ever feels right till I end up putting on what I am used to, usaully an outfit I wear to work. But our minister says, God doesn't care what you wear as long as your hearts in church. We have Casual Wednesday, where even the minister wears plaid flannels and blue jeans. He is so cool!

  4. sounds like a great day... but, how about a pic of you all dressed up?? <LOL> If you are like me it happens seldom enough that people feel the need to grab a camera and save the moment ;)

  5. Lol at the skirt!!  I can't remember the last time I wore a skirt or a dress!
    Made me smile about the moment you shared with your family, how special :o)
    Sara   x