Thursday, March 17, 2005

Well, at least I don't have to worry about THAT anymore...

Why do people put their big huge trash cans in the middle of the road?
Why does my mom have to call me first thing in the morning as I'm taking my daughter to school?
Why am I such a terrible driver?
The latest episode of Michelle's Mishaps on the Road occurred yesterday morning, when I tried to do more than one thing at a time, and answered the stupid cell phone to talk to my mother as I was driving my daughter to school...
I heard a big THUD...
And my very helpful daughter informed me that I had hit that trash can that was in the middle of the road...
Then she asked me if that meant we had seven years of bad luck...
I looked over to where my sideview mirror...USED to it's gone...
Goodbye, mirror.
That was some major trash can!
My helpful daughter then proceeded to tell everyone she knew, all day long, about the funny thing that happened on the way to school that day...
The other person in the car...(that would be me)...hasn't quite arrived at the 'funny' part yet...I'm still stuck at the 'mortified' part...and the 'expensive to fix' part...and the 'she can't grow up and get her license soon enough so she can drive me around town because anything is better than this!' part!
But I've always worried about getting too close to things on that side, and hitting a mailbox or something with my at least I don't have to worry about that anymore!


  1. Why would they leave their trash can out in the road like that!  That's just asking for trouble!!  Stupid trash can!!
    Glad you're both OK.
    Sara   x

  2. Why in the world did someone put a trash can in the middle of the road???  And don't feel so bad....I could take pictures of our garage.....all the damage on the garage is from me...and the big white streak of garage paint on the car...........
    Hang in there....

  3. You post most definitely hasa light heartedness to it that has been missing for awhile!

  4. A trash can isn't so bad.  Was there much damage other than the mirror?  Poor thing.  I have been known to veer off roads and such not paying attention.  Be careful!

  5. The trash guys used to leave our can in the road. We complained. Next trash pickup, our can vanished all together. LOL We don't complain any more. Sorry to grin at your accident...hope you see the humor in it soon (and no talking on the cell while driving!) ;-)

  6. It's their fault completely and totally, and you can't convince me otherwise.  :-)  that's what happens when it's in the road.  I'm so sorry about the side mirror.  Honestly -- I had to have one replaced on my last car and I spent about $70 for it.  (just for the stupid mirror)   I know what it's like, believe me.  ((((much love)))
    C's Get Well/Easter goodies will be mailed on Monday or Tuesday.  I'll be sure to tell you what day, so you can be on the lookout for them.  :-)  

  7. Isn't it funny how things like that ALWAYS happens when the kids are with you! Oh, and fair warning, She WILL use that against you when it is time for her to get her license, trust me. They have this uncanny ability to forget to clean their rooms, take out the trash, but remember something that happened 5 yrs ago and bring it up at THE most embarrassing time!