Sunday, March 6, 2005

Hello, world...

I wonder how a week goes by and I don't write in my journal...especially when every day something happens and I think, "I must remember to write this in my journal!"...but by the time I get here I'm just. so. tired.
The visit to the pediatrician went very well this week, my daughter was prescribed a different dose than what she is taking now, and it made a huge wonderful difference in her behavior Wed. - Fri. when she took the medicine...but by Saturday, the medicine bottle had disappeared...
That's what it's like to be us, things just...disappear...
So now I have to call the doctor Monday morning and humbly ask him to write out another prescription.
I spend a lot of my life being humble due to mistakes being made, things being lost, etc.  It's a learned skill that I didn't used to have, but I've since developed it quite well over the years!
It looks as if the New York trip is ON, since I sent the money in on I guess we're going!  Manhattan in April...just me and my'm so SCARED! 
I'm sure there was much more I was going to talk about, but since I'm falling asleep in my chair I'm going to wrap up this pitifully small entry and hope to do better later...after sleep...I'm always chasing after sleep and never seem to catch it!


  1. New York in April will be so pretty! You'll have a great time.

  2. I'm always losing things too, found my allergy tablets in the fridge the other morning!!  Am glad that the different dose of medication made a big difference for your daughter, even though the bottle disappeared!  
    The New York trip sounds exciting, looking forward to hearing all about that next month :o)
    Sara   x

  3. I am so glad you and C are still going to New York!!  I can't wait to hear all about it!!  You both will have so much fun!  
    And will you please get some sleep before the trip!!!!  

  4. alilcountrycharmMarch 7, 2005 at 1:45 PM

    The trip sounds awesome!!! What a wonderful experience that will be for you both!! Don't forget to take lots of pics ;o)
    Love & Hugs,

  5. The NY trip sounds like sooo much fun! Can't wait to hear all about it... And pics... we want pics <LOL>

  6. You will be totally WOWED!!!!!!!!! by NYC! Trust me! DOn't be cared, most important thing, act like you belong there. 2nd, stay in tune to who is around you. Keep alert, but don't look like a tourist, it spells e-a-s-y t-a-r-g-e-t! HAVE FUN FUN!!!! I am so jealous! lol I would love to go back, maybe someday though! PS the scariest place is the subway.. it is the fastest way to get around but the eeriest. We seen some weird stuff down there, I kept telling Rain, just don't stare! lol

  7. I'm sure you are aware of this, but your tiredness isn't just from working, taking care of C, and juggling goodness knows what all -- but it is also because you are depressed.  It drags your spirit, energy level, whole being down so low that you feel like the whole world is zipping past you and you just can't keep up.  

    Often times I forget lots of things I'm "suppose" to do, and afterwards feel like one of the worst people around because I forgot to do this or that.  Of course, admitting that I forgot is extremely difficult, because I feel like a screw up.  

    Does any of this sound familiar?  I have a feeling you say and think the same exact things.  You are NOT alone by any means.  You and I have shared so many experiences & thoughts.  I'm here for you ALWAYS.  I know that sometimes I get wrapped up with myself, the kids, depression, juggling problems, etc -- but regardless of that I will always, always be here for you.  You have my number -- please call me when you are feeling down and out.  I want to be here for you.  I'm sending a whole lot of love to you and C.