Monday, March 7, 2005

It got just warm enough...

to bring the stupid crickets back to life, I guess...I encountered the first cricket of the year in my kitchen tonight.
My daughter helped me.  She brought the spray stuff to me, and then the shoe so that I could make sure the cricket was really, really dead.  I tried to get her to do that part, but she refused.
I've detailed my cricket trauma previously, here...
It's supposed to get cold again tonight, but it's too late now! They're awake and coming after me...
Maybe I'll post something happier later, when I get over this cricket depression...
Good night.


  1. OMG!!  We had a pill bug (potato bug) in the hallway...and I FREAKED tonight...Josh wouldn't kill it or pick it up and put it outside...there was no way I was touching we told the dog it was candy and he ate it!!  LOL.  Are we sure we want spring..the bugs...the bugs...the bugs????

  2. Oh dear, I just read your cricket story :o(
    We don't have that problem, I'm not sure why, maybe it's a country thing - as in living in the countryside.  I did have a rat problem though - got in next door, my house is clean, please don't think bad things!  Not sure I'd trade though, as the rat is now long gone and the rat holes are blocked.  
    Best of luck with your cricket war!
    Sara   x

  3. alilcountrycharmMarch 8, 2005 at 8:47 AM

    OMG (((MIchelle))) I don't like crickets either! The ones here are HUGE!!! I mean H-U-G-E And there is NO place in my house where they won't go! We had one in our basement this past weekend and I looked but couldn't find it! I think it was hiding under my dryer!!

  4. Crickets are considered good luck in Japan. LOL I have a thing about bees, hornets, wasps...if I hear that telltale buzzzzz, I run! ooogie creepy willies down my spine...

  5. (((((extra hugs)))))  I remember laughing the last time about your fear of crickets, but this time not a smile has come over my face.  I'm so sorry you need to deal with this.  I cannot stand bugs either.  Now that you mentioned them -- I'm worrying about the red hairy centipedes that come here in the spring.  I spray my house up and down like a crazy woman trying to ensure that there is NO way they could live in here.  They freak me out soooooo bad!  I shake, tremble, even get physically nauseous because of them.