Sunday, November 14, 2004

Sunday Minutes...

Picture from Hometown 
It's one of my favorite paintings...:)
The lightbulb is out in my's kind of nice...I probably won't think that in the morning!
It's 11:00 p.m. ... I put my daughter in bed over an hour ago, and she's still awake, up and down, re-tucked in twice, and it seems her sinus troubles are back and I had to give her more medicine...(sigh)...
The mantra of all parents: "I just wish she would go to sleep..." anytime now...and why is she sick again anyway?  Why didn't that Zithromax work?!  I mean, I guess it did work, but only for a couple weeks, it seems...(SIGH)...
My Sunday:
8:00 a.m.: Up and in the shower...
8:30 a.m.: My daughter up and eating breakfast...
8:50 a.m.: Skirmish #1 between daughter and self...(involving hair accessories)...
8:55 a.m.: Skirmish #2 between daughter and self...(involving shoes)...
8:57 a.m.: Sent daughter out of house and next door to grandparents so they could take her to church... (No, I wasn't being mean!  She always goes to church with them.  Something about me being late everywhere I go and her not wanting to be late, I don't know...)
9:05 a.m.: Open door to D, who's come to pick me up for church. 
9:20 a.m.: Actually leaving for church.
9:30 a.m.: In Sunday School, ON TIME I might add, thank you very much.  I go to the 'Single Again' Sunday School Class at my church, which was started for people in our church who had been divorced.  Only one divorced person actually goes to the class, everyone else is part of a couple.  And then there's me, the only single never married mom at my church, that I know of at least...
10:20 a.m.: Going over to church, headed for my usual back row...
10:30 a.m.: Safely ensconced in the back row on the right, with daughter, D, mother, brother (SIL is home sick, unfortunately) :(, and Donna, Steve, and little Mackenzie :) (newly home from China, yay!)...My grandparents and aunt also go to my church, but they sit near the way can I sit up there...nephew is in children's church, which is a very good thing to have...
12 noon: Church is over, it's been a very good time, having spent most of it admiring the beautiful baby Mackenzie...
12:!5 p.m.: Safely in the car, having been sidelined by several people...including the preacher, complimenting me on the decorations for the missions conference we're having this week.  And a couple of people who stopped me to tell me they were going to be at church tonight...(well, DARN, since when did I get so visible? Now I have to be there tonight!  haha  No really, just kidding...sort of...)
12:20 p.m.: On the way to lunch, we saw a boat on the side of the road.  Cool!  I was all for stopping and towing it.  "No," D said, "we don't have a hitch."  Oh.  "Well," I said, "Call your brother, doesn't he have one?"  Then I got a long lesson from D on 'stealing', as in 'just because it's on the side of the ride doesn't mean you can take it, it's just like a car'.  See, I'm one of those non-moral Democrats, I don't know these things! LOL! (Kidding, kidding, well, not about the Democrat part, I AM A DEMOCRAT AND PROUD OF IT!, but about the non-moral part, I didn't REALLY intend to steal the boat, THAT much, I mean, where would I put it?).
Okay, I'm done with this, not even halfway through my day and I'm tired of writing about it!  We went out to lunch, I came home and did dishes, laundry, computer, then we went shopping to fill up more shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, went back to church, where I will be spending my life for the next few days for this missions conference, watched the beautiful Mackenzie some more until they turned off the lights and showed a movie and I fell asleep (it's not my fault, it's that migraine medicine I'm taking!), left church, went out to dinner (Mexican), and finally came home (thank goodness!).
I hope my daughter is feeling better in the morning, I think she's finally asleep, I don't hear her tossing and turning anymore...
We had a couple more skirmishes today that I forgot to mention...but even with the skirmishes, I'm very blessed to have such a wonderful, beautiful, generous child.


  1. I can't believe your daughter still isn't feeling good!!  Zithromax did and does wonders for Josh and I!!  Wonder why it didn't work?
    Man, what a day you had...and the are too funny!!  I would have thought the same thing!!!  :)
    Have a great night!!
    OH...we have all the painting done and we are in the room!!!  Just decorating to do now...

  2. call the doctor, tell him she's got the same flippin thing again and that you do NOT want zithromax this time - ask for Biaxin - Sonya took that and it worked wonders.  Zithromax usually does the job, but when it doesn't, a different broad spectrum antibiotic is called for, I think.  Glad you had such a nice day :)

  3. So sorry about your daughter!  The boat is funny!  

  4. Busy day! My day went like this...Midnight, woke up. Played on computer. Waved goodbye to son and husband as they went out for the day. Played on computer. Got son ready for bed. Went to bed. Whew! I'm exhausted! LOL!

  5. My wonderful Hubby is giving his input on the boat situation. This is his explanation. If the boat was on the side of the road, without a note explaining why it was there, then it's fair game. Then he said you can leave a note saying, hey, I got your boat, if you really want it you can come and get it. If not, have a nice day, signed your boats new owner. He explains it isn't steainlg, it is cleaning up the roadside of unwanted stuff and leaving the note makes it plain to see that you aren't actually stealing the boat. He said it isn't any differant then if a piece of furniture fell off a truck and got left behind, fair game. My Gawd, I hope we never come upon an unattended boat!!!!

  6. I can tell you were only "joking" about that boat.  :)  Uh huh.  LOL!  I bet whenever you pass that way you look to see if it's still there.  

    Don't you love babies?  So very adorable and sweet.  When mine were little, I held them all the time.  Any thoughts of having another?  You are young!  C would be a wonderful big sister!!  I hope you give it some serious thought.   :)

    Love you,   Anna

  7. Hi Michelle,

    I see that mother daughter squirmishes are the most prevalent thing univerally.  You are not alone.  She loves you and always will.  I don't have a daughter myself but I am one and I always had it out with mommy and still so but she is the best and I hope she lives past a 100 and longer.  We will still have squirmishes then too probably about fighting over which one of us has a better looking cane or which one of us has more gray hair.  LOL!!!!


  8. That sounds like a very LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG day!