Sunday, November 7, 2004

Not tonight...

Why is life so hard sometimes?
Okay, it LIFE that's so hard, or HUMAN LIFE that's so hard?
Because plants are alive, but I refuse to believe that they have a hard life.
I'm also assuming that all human life is hard, when maybe it's just MY human life (as opposed to my non-human life!).  I would ask the question, Why is MY life so hard sometimes?, but it just doesn't sound right.  I KNOW life is hard for EVERYONE sometimes.
Is the answer that most common..."Because if it were easy, everyone would do it!"  Of course not!  Everyone does do it!
It can't be the 'Job' thing (as in Book of, not employment)...can it?  We ALL can't be Job.
I don't know...
Maybe life is so hard sometimes to show what an amazing gift it really is.  Life hurts but it can also be glorious, and it's always REAL.