Sunday, November 7, 2004

Not tonight...

Why is life so hard sometimes?
Okay, it LIFE that's so hard, or HUMAN LIFE that's so hard?
Because plants are alive, but I refuse to believe that they have a hard life.
I'm also assuming that all human life is hard, when maybe it's just MY human life (as opposed to my non-human life!).  I would ask the question, Why is MY life so hard sometimes?, but it just doesn't sound right.  I KNOW life is hard for EVERYONE sometimes.
Is the answer that most common..."Because if it were easy, everyone would do it!"  Of course not!  Everyone does do it!
It can't be the 'Job' thing (as in Book of, not employment)...can it?  We ALL can't be Job.
I don't know...
Maybe life is so hard sometimes to show what an amazing gift it really is.  Life hurts but it can also be glorious, and it's always REAL.


  1. A very great entry my friend!!!  I try and live my life every day to its fullest...but then stress takes over and worring about things i can't is real...good and bad happy and sad...but 9 times out of's a wonderful life!!!  :)
    Lots of hugs and love!!  

  2. Life is hard and don't let anyone tell ya differant. Why? Well, being the obstacles we have faced since the day we met, Ct and I put our heads together and came up with this scenario...
    I know this may seem far fetched, but in our case it has been so true.It is a test. A test of faith, a test of inner strength, it is like the biggest test we have ever taken. We think that some are given more test because we have passed the little ones we have been given already. We think that they are test for something bigger. Almost like promotions. If you don't pass the little test in the work place, you just keep strumming along as an average worker. But.. if you pass all the test, and they get bigger and harder, you get promoted into bigger positions. Not that we know what the position is, by now I should be like the Queen of England or something big, but I have faith that some how I am going to be repayed. They say that God will only put on you what you can handle. I doubted that in times I thought I couldn't go on anymore. But, here I am! And right now we are really going through a Huge test. To the piont that life just feels like it is falling apart. But I keep truging along. And there are signs that it is going to be ok. Not big huge billboards, but little ones, and I am grasping them with hope and faith that the billboards are right around the corner.  I am not a Holy roller, and I do not proclaim to be a "Good Christian", but times like this, I am really starting to think, someone is listening to me when I am talking. Keep your chin up! I know it is hard, and it sucks! Plain truth! But you do gain alot of inner strength and alot of self respect when you overcome these obstacles!

  3. If it wasn't hard, how would we know to enjoy the times of ease?  If it didn't hurt, how would we know to appreciate the times of joy?  That's what I think, anyway - life is hard sometimes so we appreciate the good stuff more.  

  4. Yep. What Jadzia said. If things were always easy, we'd never appreciate it the way we do when times have been hard and THEN they get easy. Just look forward to how it will be, one day soon...because this too shall pass. :-)

  5. Yup, what they said! My Mom gets furious about how negative I am sometimes, but then I say "Mom, I expect everyday to suck, then when something good does happen it will be such a great day! But if I am let down all the time by expecting everything to be great, then I will be disapointed all the time!" Lol such a twisted way of thinking!

  6. That is a tough question.  Some philosophy says to move away from yourself, look outside of you and your problems, turn to others and help them.  Then there is the philosophy to turn inward, search your soul and find the solution.  So I am just as confused as you are, sorry, I have no answers for you.  Without knowing all the details, I would suggest something very simple, here it is.  For one week, seven days, just one week, ignore everyone’s requests, needs, etc, and put your environment on a schedule.  A schedule with no if’s and’s or but’s. Find a time that will get you out of the house in the morning without any rushing, find a time that will get you in your bed at night without any stress, omit something if you have to, just do it for ONE week, and then tell me how you feel.


  7. This is probably cliche, but I think that life is hard to teach us lessons that we would not pay attention to otherwise.  I believe that life is a journey where we are constantly challenged to do better, learn more, strive harder.  I have no idea why tragedy befalls people when there doesn't seem to be an obvious purpose, but I think that's where trust in God comes in--or trust in a higher being--that things are happening for a reason, even if we don't quite understand them while we're here.