Saturday, November 20, 2004

I hate it when my eyes won't stay open...

One of my favorite artists is Grimshaw...
Well, my daughter missed school Monday and I took her to the doctor...came home without an antibiotic, I knew we would....just like last time, and I knew she would get sicker and end up on it anyway...sure enough, by Thursday, she had the ear infection to end all ear infections and missed school again, and is back on an antibiotic (sigh)...but by Friday evening she seemed to be feeling a lot better, so that's good.  At least she wasn't on the bed, holding her ear and crying anymore.  I know it's not the doctors' fault, so it's no use being upset with them, right? !!!
I'm done! I'm done! I started painting my daughter's room...two weeks ago...and we're finally done! Last night, I was painting the baseboards and got closer and closer to the end, I kept hearing the "Hallelujah" chorus in my head...I'm done! I'm done!
Well, sort of.  She wants to sponge paint purple and pink designs on the new white walls...that's fine...and all her furniture is still spread throughout the rest of the house...that's fine, okay, I'm MOSTLY done!  I'm MOSTLY done!
I think I slept the whole night through last night.  I'm so proud of myself!  (LOL just like a new baby...)  Well, I vaguely remember getting up once to use the bathroom and then bumping into the wall and saying "Ouch" and then falling back into bed, but that doesn't count since I went right back to sleep. 
The lightbulb is still out in my room.  It's hard to get anything done when it's dark in here all the time.  Will someone change it already?  Do I have to do everything around here?!  Wait...(looking around)....(signs are pointing to 'Yes')...(unless I make the short 12-year old do it)...okay...maybe I'll change it today.
Since it's Saturday and 7:30 a.m., I think I'm going to make myself a Diet Pepsi and get back in bed and read my book for a couple hours...with a flashlight.


  1. A good nights sleep is the best drug there is!

  2. Poor baby!  I hope she feels better soon - she seems to be ill as much as my girls have been lately.......darn school anyway - they seem to pick up every flippin' bug out there.  Sponge painting is fun and doesn't take nearly as long to dry as one would think - lol.  I'm glad you slept fairly well.......enjoy your book - I love to do that in the early morning - cuddle under the blankies with Diet Coke and read till my eyes cross - lol.

  3. Man, your daughter has has such a tough time with being sick!!  I sure hope this time the antibiotics work for her the way that they are suppose too!!

    YAY!!!  Your almost done!!!  YAY!!  Isn't it a great feeling?  All we have left is just hanging more stuff on the walls...and a few other little things...but for the most part it is DONE!!!  I am so happy your are almost done!!!

    Ummm..would you like me to come over with a lightbulb already???  LOL

    Have a great weekend!!!


  4. i hope your daughter gets better taking this new med...her room sounds like it is going to be really pretty...any chance u can take pics and show us when its all done? i have the same problem when lightbulbs burn out at our place...i am too short to change them and afraid to climb on a chair with my bad until i can talk someone else into doing it we go without for quite sometime! hope u have a good weekend and take a nap!


  5. Beautiful.  I hope your daughter is feeling better.  I just went through the house the other day and FINALLY replaced all my lightbulbs that had been out but that I just left out for weeks.  Everything is REALLY bright here now!

  6. So how do you "make" yourself a Diet Pepsi?  :)   LOL.  You are too funny about the lightbulb and flashlight -- except I know you aren't joking.  LOL!  When I visit in January, I bet the bulb still isn't changed.  Do I know you or what?  You're a bigger procrastinator than me, and believe me -- it takes a lot to take that title from me.  :)

    Poor C.  The only thing about repeated antibiotics is that repeated use makes your body used to them and thus it doesn't work.  She may need an ENT Specialist.  I wouldn't wait too much longer.  She's been struggling a good long while now, and truly may need a specialist.  Please give her a big hug from her Aunt Anna.  I love my C Bear!!

    Her room is going to be gorgeous with the pink and purple sponged on.  I hope I can see some pics!!   I've been thinking for awhile now (at least 6 months) about painting Emmy's room.   When/ If I ever do it -- I definitely would like to do the sponge painting too.  

    Love you, Anna

  7. The room sounds like it's going to be so pretty! I hope you daughter is feeling all better soon. -B

  8. Changing light bulbs was reason #7 why I was thrilled Son decided to go to college locally and live at home. Someone has to keep me out of the dark around here!

  9. Hi Sweetheart,

    Clap!! Clap!!  I am so proud of you that you got all that done now go and treat yourself to something very nice like a spa or something.  You always deserve to be spoiled since you are always running yourself down.  Now go ahead and do it and spoil your daughter as well.  I worry about you too.  I know I keep saying I will email you and I have not forgotten.  It is just the same ole thing here where it is chaotic as well and I know I shoud also take a break.  We will talk soon.


  10. Nice painting.

    I hate the lightbulb thing.  My husband is great at it.  That is one thing I will miss if he ever, EVER, deploys.  That little cover is such a chore to remove and then put back on properly.  My arms ache, of course, they get tired when I brush my hair. LOL!

    Change that light!  You do not want to ruin your eyes do you?!