Monday, November 1, 2004

No buttonholes...

I've been homesick for my journal...all day I think, I must remember to write this in my journal...then events conspire to keep me from composing an entry that night.  So here I am, stealing moments in the morning before I start getting ready for work...

I can't believe it's Monday and tomorrow really is election day.  Thank goodness!  I've kept away from political comments here...or any kind of comments, really...but why not change? It's my journal!

So here goes...

(Politics Lite)...

I had already fallen for D and we were entrenched in our relationship before it was revealed to me that he was a...Republican.  Yes, it turns out that my love is a Republican.  How did that happen?  He's such an easy-going and, well, nice person, my radar didn't catch on to it at all!  He's very low-key about it, so it's hard to spot at first.  But it's definitely there...

It's been very hard.  He's not dyed-in-the-wool...he's more of a moderate-type, I think...I'm not sure, I don't know much about Republicans!  Just that they're not me!  The reason that it's hard is specifically because he IS so easy-going and low-key, I forget sometimes that he is what he is.


The other night, for instance, an ad came on TV for someone running for US Senate.  So of course, I'm thinking, do these people really think we're so stupid as to fall for these ads, come on, I'm researching the issues, leave me alone already!  But then D says, "I'm not voting for so-and-so because he supports THIS", spouting the ad word for word. 


I forgot who I was with! 

So of course, I accused him of being Mr. Party line all the way, and he accused me of being a liberal left-winger, and I called him a Republican sheep, and he called me a tree-hugger...





Life is SO interesting and fun, sometimes.



  1. are too funny!!  

  2. That must be interesting.  I think if I differed from my husband, I'd just keep it to myself and save myself the aggravation of fights!

  3. LOL........I bet that makes for some interesting discussions.  My wife and I have similar ones about religion....we're so different in the details, but the root beliefs are the same.  

  4. LOL! Tree Hugger!
    I LMBO reading this entry! I thought i had it rough! I'm a Cleveland Browns Fan and Joey is a die hard Bengals got me beat chic! But know what they say...Opposites Attract!!  ;-)