Saturday, November 27, 2004

A few days late...

I took the beloved child back to the doctor Wednesday...he looked at her ear...and looked some more...said "hmm"...and, "We have a dilemma"...but easily remedied, thank goodness.  New eardrops, this time antibiotic with steroids that DO NOT STING going in, as the Zithromax had not completely cleared up the infection.  Two times a day, and things have been going great so far!
The migraines are back, but now I have medicine to combat them.  If I would only take the medicine properly, I'm sure I would never have migraines at all anymore...
I got off early Wednesday for my doctor appointment, and then I went ahead and took her to the doctor, too.  My appointment was...okay...I thought about cancelling it several times but the last time I had been in my doctor specifically told me to make sure I kept my next appointment.  Every time I picked up the phone to cancel, I could hear his voice in my head saying, "Do NOT cancel this appointment, Michelle!".  How do doctors know this stuff?  It's scary...
My eczema started acting up on my hand had to be nerves either from the appointment or Thursday morning it was angry red hives...THAT'S a new one, it's never taken that form boyfriend had to stop at Walgreens and get some Benadryl and hydrocortisone for me so I could try to get myself to normal before going to his mom's for Thanksgiving dinner.  It's so embarassing when it flares up...and of course, by Thursday night, it was all back to mostly's terrible how your body gives you away sometimes!
Thanksgiving day was wonderful...went to D's mom's for dinner....then we went to my grandma's for dinner and stayed the rest of the day (that was a long journey LOL as my grandma lives all the way next door to my house)...All the members of my family were on their best behavior and so, thank goodness, no major drama like there have been at most of the recent family events, just good food and fun and playing with the kids. I'm so very thankful for my family, hard-headed and stubborn though they are, they're mine and I love them all, my daughter and mother and grandparents and brother and SIL and nephew and cousin and aunts...and the rest of my family, my dad and my uncles and aunts and cousins...and D's family, they feel like my own and they love me and my daughter like we're theirs...and I'm thankful for all my wonderful friends, I feel very blessed!


  1. Being around family is the best.  So glad your daughters ear will be 100% in short time!  I have erupting skin problems too!  They're gross......I mean mine!  Once I get one it stays for months!  Your lucky you can coax yours into submission!  Happy Holidays...Light up Louisville was a zoo.  I tried to take pictures, but it was too much for a digital...needed SLR camera.  Breathtaking when the switch was flipped!

  2. I am so glad that your daughter is finally starting to feel relief!!  I was so worried about her!!
    I am glad you all had a good Thanksgiving!!  :)
    Oh...and I get hives too when I get stressed...I hate when that happens...I scratch so hard then they get all bruised!!  :(
    Have a great weekend!!!  

  3. Girl, you need to drive out here next summer with your child.  All those ailments, LOL, just proves that you are too stressed.  I will have you laughing and not worrying about anything and my husband will stuff you like you just came out of a P.O.W. camp.  I know it is a strech, but it is the only thing I can say, worrying about you and the little one as I read.  You know every time we (any of us) have an ailment around here we accused the inner walls of having that black mold.  Just like military housing to leave us to fend ourselves against the dreaded mold. HAH!  Really I think we (around here) thing there must be a boogey man causing all of our woes instead of just getting some fresh air or something.  I am rambling.....

  4. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving.
    I hope you and your daughter are healthy soon!!