Wednesday, November 24, 2004


I'm stealing time from getting ready to work to write this...that's bad.
I hate not having time to write here. :(
Too bad I'll get in trouble if I access it from work, I have lots of time there! LOL
Well, my daughter is STILL sick...I thought the antibiotic worked, but then her ear started itching uncontrollably...the doctor called her in eardrops...I put the eardrops in last night and she screamed from the pain! I have no idea, the eardrops are supposed to be numbing and RELIEVE pain.  So I will have to call the doctor again today and probably take her in.  Thank goodness it's Wednesday...
It's 8:54 a.m. and I have to leave in six minutes and I still have to get dressed and blow dry my hair.  I can do it!  I can do it!


  1. Ouchie! I hope she feels better soon. Ear aches and tooth aches....they are the absolute worst! I would rather give birth! Hope you have a Wonderful Thanksgiving! I also hope daughter makes it through Turkey Day with as little pain as possible, poor little angel.

  2. Oh Michelle!!  I feel so bad for her!!  I know how awful she feels with that ear!  I even woke up last night from a dead sleep cuz my ear was itching so bad.  
    Things gotta start looking up right????  It will...cuz I will be thinking about ya both!!
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!!!

  3. im sorry your daughter is still sick...i hope u can get her back in to the dr today since most drs are closed tommorrow and friday...wishing u and yours a very happy thanksgiving..


  4. I hope she feels better soon, they figure out what's wrong, and fix it once n for all.......and I hope you got to work on time, or close - lol.  Walgreens has great eardrops that actually numb the pain - over by the earplugs n stuff.

  5. I hope they figure out the problem!  happy Thanksgiving....we are going to go to Light up Louisville tonight!!!

  6. Does anyone smoke around her?  I hope not, it is not good for the ears.  I hope the new steroid medicine works.  Do they spy on your computer at work.  Bastards!  How dare they not let you post!