Friday, November 12, 2004

New York in April?

My sleep patterns are all messed up...since my doctor put me on a million different medicines, my eyes shut at 11 p.m. ... and then I wake up at 4 a.m. ... and then I try to go back to sleep, and then oversleep...
And today, my daughter doesn't have school which SHOULD mean an extra hour of sleep for me (yay!), but instead, here I am, wide awake... :(
I've been way too busy lately...I can't help but think, if I had gone to school this semester like I was supposed to, how in the world would I be managing it?  Even scarier, how will I manage it in January?  Best not to think about things like that, though...Better to just blindly move forward and assume things will work out...they usually do...
Well, my daughter brought home, FINALLY, the information on this year's middle school field trip.  After last year's less than stellar time (for a recap, see here), I'd decided that it didn't matter WHERE they were going, we were not falling for it again.  The thought of watching my tender 12-year old girl be ignored by all the snobby girls who go on the trip (because, as we discovered last year, only the snobby girls go on trips like this, the regular nice girls stay home) is NOT my idea of fun.  But then she brings home this year's destination: New York City...
See, I'm weak, and a traveler at heart, which is a bad combination...
I've been to eight different countries and twenty-three different states...I've been to Windsor Castle and the Black Forest, I've been to the Badlands in South Dakota and Pikes Peak in Colorado...but I've never been to NEW YORK CITY.
So what am I going to do?  She's already begging me, "Please, pleeeaaaasssseeee, Mommy, can we go? Please?".  I've reminded her of how things went last time, but she keeps assuring me that the snobby girls don't matter, as long as we have each other (does my girl know how to work it or what? LOL!). 
I just have a bad feeling that I'm going to cave, what with her constant pressure and my avarice to go somewhere new.  Is caving such a bad thing?
I'm already going around humming songs like "New York State of Mind"...


  1. WOW!!!  I would jump at the chance to go to New York...I am with your daughter on this one...who cares about the's New York!!!  :)  Think of the great time you will have!!!  :)
    I sure hope your sleep gets better...I am all screwed up with my sleeping habits again too..
    Have a great day!!  New York.....WOW!!!  

  2. Go go go go!  I have not been there in a long time, but it is so wonderful!

  3. If you can swing it, then go for it.  I am going to London in the spring if our English department get the funding.  What is up with the snob? Good grief!  In ten years their school days/daze will be worthless. @@ <----rolling my eyes at the snobs.  

    Take care, and get some sleep!

  4. I never went on any of the class outings either, when I was young. Basically because none of my friends were going...only the "cool" kids. NYC is one of those places you have to visit at least once. It's only an hour away from me and I've only been into the city 4 times. I've seen just about all there is to see. When my son is a little older, we will go and show HIM all the sites. Until then, I can wait. LOL The city is dirty, crowded, smelly, and a little dangerous. Sounds like fun, eh?

  5. Oh my, yup we went through this too in Rains freshman year. She'd attend the outings then come home and cry because the snobs were just that ..snobs. So I started encouraging her, telling her, they weren't any better then her, and to make friends with other kids, not to let them look down on her because she didn't have the right name, and so on. I told her get out there, hold your head up high, and if they don't want to talk to you, that is their loss, but go and experience and have fun! It was a rough year! This year, she finally got it all down. When the snobs snub her, she laughs at them, and goes on about her business. Her confidence level has soared beyond belief, she isn't over confideant but she knows her limits and goes with it. And, I went on alot of outings as a chaperone with her, and we've hung out together and had a great time! ohhh and GOOOO to NYC! We went last year and had the absolute best time!!!! We can't wait to go again. You will love the bond it helps build with your daughter by ging with her and encourging her! Good luck!

  6. Hi Michelle,

    I say go on the trip with your daughter.  This way she gets to go and you also get to see New York as well as the snobs not giving her a hard time with you there.  New York is a very nice city.  I have not been there in many years but I have some fond memories.  

    I think this will be the perfect break for you and your daughter.


  7. Girl, you BETTER go!!!  And make sure you take your lap top again!  That way we can talk if you need to, but I have a feeling you'll be just fine!  Hopefully the "poodle heads" are a whole lot nicer this time.  :)

    When is the trip????  For how long?  Details, I want details!!!