Saturday, October 2, 2004

Dawn is breaking

When we first moved to Germany, I was ten years old, and, as an Army brat, used to moving.  What I wasn't used to was living somewhere where my grandmother wasn't just a weekend visit away...she was a whole ocean away!  I thought I would die of homesickness - in this case, home meant my grandparents.
The first little town I lived in...
Picture from Hometown
That's me in the apron and white hat...the town held a parade and invited some of the Americans living on their economy to participate.  My brother is holding one of the flags, my mom is the Indian, and my dad is the cowboy.
We were quite geeky.  Maybe we still are...


  1. The parade looks like fun! You sure don't like "geeky" to me! What memories this must bring back for you ;)  

  2. I don't think it's geeky at all......very nice.  

  3. Wow...I don't think it's geeky...I think it's pretty cool!!
    Thanks for all your prayers, I appreciate it so much!!

  4. HOW COOL!!! I am envious--it looks like so much fun.  Not just the parade, but the town itself.

  5. Look at that street! How quaint!

  6. That is the neatest picture!
    No wonder you are so sad about your grandparents selling the farm.


  7. This is so neat to see! I love pictures like this. I always loved looking at my dads from overseas when he was in the Navy. :o)
    Did you get to spend more time with your grandmother later?


  8. Hi Michelle,

    I love this picture.  I wish I could see all of you up close.  I can still tell you are very cute in this picture.  None of you were nor are geeky.