Sunday, August 18, 2013

Michelle's Annual Day Out, It's the State Fair!

Chelsea, me and Mom at the Kentucky State Fair yesterday

There's actually one time every year when I willingly leave my cave and subject myself to the sun (sort of) and the crowds (unfortunately)...the Kentucky State Fair!

Weird, right? But I've never NOT gone to the fair as long as I've lived here, my 'issues' have come up, I cope. Meaning, I stick to the inside exhibits as much as I can, I rest a lot, and I try not to freak out by the thousands of people that are surrounding me. I NEVER MAKE EYE CONTACT.

We always make the fair a family event. Who doesn't? Today it was me, Mom and Chelsea. My brother and his family, and my aunt were supposed to meet us there. The reason they're not in the picture above? Because my mom, who picked up me and Chelsea, decreed that we were leaving at 10 a.m.

Really? Chels and I don't usually even THINK about getting up on Saturdays before 2 or 3 p.m. - like all the other normal people in the world. Needless to say, we got to the fair at the crack of dawn today and took the above picture, while my aunt finally rolled in about 4 p.m., and my brother's crew got there a couple hours after that.

So, sort of a family event LOL. We had a mother-daughter-daughter day. Which is perfect because we're so much alike, our favorite is the photography/artwork section, where we spent most of the day.  We're finally at an age - 21, 40, 61 - where spending the whole day together isn't's a pleasure.

We visited the 'Mules& Jacks'. We looked at the photography and art. We lunched. We looked at Raptor Rehabilitation, and saw the eagles and the owls. Walked and walked and walked, then Mom ditched us for Aunt Sondra, then Chelsea ditched me for shiny things, and I rested. Then Chelsea retrieved me, we visited the Fairness booth, the Al-Anon booth, the KyNect booth, skipped about a thousand other booths, and went back to the art and looked at every single thing and STILL had to wait an eon before Aunt Sondra would let Mom come back to us.
Not that we object to Aunt Sondra, we just didn't want to go looking for them. I was tired.

Watched a live cooking show about Kentucky beef that convinced me to go back OFF the beef. I went back on it last year after my surgery to help get my iron back up, but I can't do it anymore. I'll just take more pills. What's one more pill?

I forgot to add the migraine that got worse and worse as the day went on. Don't worry, it happens every year at the fair. I expect it and prepare for it, I bring my pills and everything. I think it's a combination of the sunlight, the noise, the anxiety... Whatever it took four Vicodin to make it through the day. Not all at once! Spaced out...we were there a loooooong time.

Before we leave I always get a funnel cake and a corn dog. I know, I'm a risk-taker. I figured the corn-dog was my last hurrah before leaving beef behind for good. I was perfectly happy with these stellar dietary choices when Chelsea comes up behind me with DEEP FRIED OREOS.

Oh. my. gosh. I never thought I would try something like that but I did and now I have a new religion. And I only had one! I don't know how you could possibly eat more than might put you into a diabetic coma. Soooo worth it, IMHO.

We left and sat in traffic for about an hour...Mom went the wrong way out of the parking lot, as is her wont, and we somehow hit incoming fair traffic going to a different parking lot. These people were all going to the Toby Keith concert at Freedom Hall. I could tell by the cowboy hats, boots, and red solo cups they were all sporting.

So close to getting home, and I was just waiting...wait for it...there it is! Mom: "So, since we're out, do you want to go somewhere and eat?"

The three of us are so predictable to each other.

Finally, after a nice dinner at O'Charley's, filled with laughter and teasing (mostly at me, as usual, though I did get one in at Mom); and then a quick stop at Kroger (I sat in the car, did you really think anything else?), we made it home.


And that's my day out for the year. Okay, there may be others, under duress, but today is always my choice.

It'll only take me a week or so to recover.


  1. Sounds like you had a pretty good time. If I look really carefully into your picture, I see your eyeballs...eye contact! Ooh, let's look away! Haha.

    1. I had that suspicion, too, when I put that picture up there! LOL

      We did have a good time, though I'm paying for it today. Sore all over! I've made big strides since last year, though...Last year it was less than three months since my surgery and I couldn't make it through two aisles without stopping. I have much more stamina now!

    2. Good for you. I am often sore because I do idiotic things that are not age appropriate. :/

  2. Ok, that settles it. You're all prettier than I am. Good, encouraging post!

  3. Replies
    1. Definitely. I knew I soon as I laid eyes on them, but I couldn't resist trying one - she was waving it around right in front of my face.
      The downfall of civilization.