Saturday, August 24, 2013

In the name of love...

It was Chelsea's first trip to DC, my third.

But even though it was her first trip, she was a way-cool eighth-grader. Way too cool to be excited over the stuff we saw. YAWNED at the Air&Space Museum, Reservoir, White House Tour (and this was after 9/ were hard to come by). She showed mild excitement when Marine One lifted off with the President inside.

But that was it. I figured I was doomed to be the only one excited on this trip. Then we visited the Lincoln Memorial. Taking pictures, acting like tourists, and suddenly, Chelsea is FREAKING OUT.

'MOMMY, Look at this, is this it, is this where he stood?!'

Then, I start freaking out.

How is it that in the times I'd visited before, I missed that stone?

I got it then. Chelsea had been saving her excitement for the big things. This qualified.

I don't know how long we stood there, looking out over the Reflecting Pool, thinking about MLK, having a dream, and the man, and movement, who changed all our lives for the better.

You can find Martin Luther King, Jr's 'I Have A Dream' speech here...


  1. I passed over the spot where that stone is a year before MLK's '63 speech, then a year after. Inscription wasn't there yet but world had changed. Did get to meet him in '67 when he spoke in my city. Glad --got to remember him not as a newspaper photo or statue, but as a human, a real face of a real social progress. Your post brings it back.

    1. I was born only a few years after he was killed, but to me he is more of a mythic figure, and I think to Chelsea even more so. I don't even know what to think about you getting to meet him and hearing him speak. Wow.

    2. Indeed, I was in high school and 5 friends piled into my beloved 62 Chevy, cut class and got to the grassy hill at the State College to hear him orate. Next day, our principal pardoned all students who truanted themselves to do that.

    3. Ditto that, to Geo., wow.

    4. I'm speechless. Funny how we can't even come up with anything besides, wow.

  2. My daughter is visiting her grandparents in Washington this weekend. They went down yesterday for the festivities but missed the speeches. (My mother's not a morning person.) I am happy for any connection she can find to that extraordinary man on that extraordinary day.

    I'd be delighted to follow back but can't find a button to do so. Let me know if I've missed something, please. Thanks.

    1. That is so great that she got to go see everything, it's something she'll always remember!

      For me to follow there's a button on my dash that says 'Add', but I'm thinking it's different for others because no one else I know seems to see it. :(

      I'm amazed I even know how to do that, though, because I haven't figured out how to do anything else. I'm afraid of Google+. I've had the same format for nearly ten years. :)