Sunday, February 27, 2005

Some week...

...and after lots of sleep and medicine I think I've nearly recovered from the flu or whatever it was that I had.  Please God!
I really can't believe it's been a week since I've posted anything...but then again maybe I can believe it, the past week seems to me a blur of going to work, collapsing in bed, going to doctor appointments and making phone calls...
Monday I took my daughter to the ENT and the prognosis is...well, not she's scheduled for surgery on the 15th, to get the stuff off the eardrum, inspect the eardrum to make sure it's still intact from the 'ear patch' surgery she had a couple years ago, and the doctor will also take some cultures from the ear, hoping to find out why it's not healing.
Was it October, or November, when she first got sick? I never ever would have imagined it hanging on until March and resulting in surgery...I'm honestly scared.
Tuesday was the visit with my daughter's counselor...things going backward...we have to visit her pediatrician this week.  We also visited the eye doctor, updated her prescription, and got her two new pairs of glasses.  Stylish purple ones, of course!  And when she gets her braces, she has already picked out pink ones...can you picture it...purple braces....she is sooo twelve! LOL!
I also called the university Tuesday and withdrew from my class this semester.  My daughter is having way too many problems right now... I hated to do it, for all the work I've put into it so far and the money that it's going to cost me, but I only have one daughter, and she needs me more... I wish there was some way I could work only part time, but unfortunately that isn't possible.  So something had to give, and school was it!  Maybe next semester...
Friday D and I went to see an Easter pageant held at the huge church on the other side of town...There was probably about 12,000 people there!  I'd never been there (I'm a South End girl!)... The pageant was huge and awesome and inspiring and sad... everyone left a better person, which is a good thing because, logistically, 12,000 people trying to leave at one time was a nightmare, we sat in traffic a looooong time... but all the better, that was more time to sit and think about Love...
Saturday I got the letter from my daughter's school, letting me know the final totals, after all the fundraising, for the New York City trip, and that the amount is due March 2.  WHAT?  You mean, this Wednesday, March 2?!
Gee, thanks for giving me that long 4-day notice!  $1012.37 in four days, sure...
Today (Sunday) I had to go to the funeral home...My aunt's best friend died.  She was only 48.  My aunt is devastated...they were lifelong friends...I went to the funeral home and held my aunt and just said "I'm so sorry", and that was all it took for us to start crying...
So tonight, I'm going to wrap up this not-so-cheerful entry (sorry), finally, and go to daughter went to bed over two hours ago and she is still awake and moaning about not being able to sleep...the only way she's going to go to sleep, I think, is if I turn out all the lights so she knows that I'm asleep...
Is there anything...simple...about anything?
Well, today, I noticed something funny about my pear trees.  I went and inspected them and...yes...they have little fuzzy things growing out of them!  My pear trees think Spring is on the way!
Please, Spring, come fast, and bring Summer with you...


  1. (((hugs)))  You really have had quite the week!  
    I know you are both scared about the surgery.  I would be too, but like I had said before, I think it will be the best thing to get her better.  If I lived closer I would go with you and sit with you...I know how long that day will be for you both.  
    I know it was hard giving up your class...but you are right, you only have one C and right now she is more important.  You can always go again next semester.  
    I am so glad to hear about your Easter pagent.  This is a moving part of the year for all of us, full of rebirth and forgiveness.  
    Are you still going to New York?  I sure hope so!!  
    I am very sorry for your Aunt's loss.  How lucky she was to have been blessed with such a special friend.  I will say a prayer for her tonight.  
    I am with you!!  Where is Spring??  We won't have any signs of spring till at least May.  And the end of the month of May at least!!  
    Hang in there and thanks again for last night!!

  2. Darn...sorry to hear about the school sacrifice. But you gotta do what you gotta do. Keep us posted on the surgery thing. (My last pair of glasses were purple too. LOL)

  3. We can only pray that the surgery will finallyl clear up her problems!  All those snide things I have said about the!  The best looking guys come from the southend! LOL.

  4. What a week (((((hugs))))) to you in case you were needing them.
    I would be scared about the surgery too, that's natural, hopefully she will feel so much better after that it will all be worthwhile.  
    Purple glasses and pink braces, sooo twelve and sooo cute ;o)
    Sorry that you had to give up your class, but you can always catch up later, and you're right, your daughter needs you.
    Take care my dear.
    Sara   x

  5. I hope everything goes well with your daughter, thanks for coming by my journal!!

  6. Well, the surgery thing is really frightening, of course... but, the upside is that maybe you'll finally get to the bottom of this! Anything that hangs on that long in a child can't be good. Sorry to hear you had to give up a class, but you wouldn't be able to give it enough attention anyway... after this is all cleared up your head will be better able to wrap around learning!! Hang in there... Spring is Coming <g>

  7. I am glad your feeling better! We sound like we are about on the same level healing from the viscious flu. I am stil having some bad days with the headches. I hope the surgery helps get your baby straightened out. Your a good Mom, making a sacrifice to be available for her. I can't believe they are charging you so much for a trip to NYC! How long will she be there. I took Rain last yr and it cost us both total about 600.00. That was for the bus, the room, tour & Rockette show! As far as life being simple... No it isn't. To help me cope with our problems that keep piling up, I have come to the conclusion that God gives the weaker the easy life and the stronger the challenges to prepare us for something bigger. Between the 2 of us, it better be MIGHTY BIG!

  8. alilcountrycharmMarch 7, 2005 at 1:42 PM

    Hi sweetie! Glad to hear your feeling better ;o)
    I'm also glad the ent is finally going to actually do something about C's ear.... I know it must be hard to have your child go through a surgery, but at least they'll be able to get down to business now and find out why her ear hasn't healed. I will definately keep you all in my thoughts and  prayers. Sorry to hear you had to drop your class, that stinks :o(   but your right...we do what we must as parents and she needs you more than ever right now. I think the purple glasses & pink braces sound soooo cute!!
    Hugs & Blessings my friend!

  9. so many things are going on!  it's no wonder you are feeling scared, overwhelmed, depressed.  I would too!!!  

    The 15th is just around the corner.  I'm hoping and praying that C's ear will be able to get the proper care after this surgery.  She has suffered and endured for too long.  Poor sweetheart.  I haven't forgotten the care package I told you I'm going to send.  I have two boxes here for Angel, which I need to mail.  (slow poke, me, as usual)  Purple glasses Rock!!  Terrific choice!!!  :-)  

    I'm sorry about withdrawing from school this semester, but you are 100% correct -- C needs you right now, and this is more important.  You did the right thing.  Please stop beating yourself up all the time.  You are doing the best you can.  Yes, you are.  Only so much is possible, and you are doing it.  ((((many warm hugs))))  

    As far as the New York trip is concerned, I would never be able to afford it, not a chance in this world.  You are an incredible mom to give C all of these experiences and memories.  This will be one that she will not forget, as well as you, because I know you've always wanted to go there.  :-)

    "Is there anything....simple....about anything?"  -- Words I've said MANY times!!  Keep hanging in there, chick, just like I am.  You are VERY loved & needed.  Don't doubt it for a second!

    I love you & C a whole ton!!!