Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Blueberry candles...

I went to the doctor yesterday...again...this time specifically for my migraines.  He asked me how I was doing with the Topamax he gave me last week.
You know, I vaguely remembered him giving me that sample packet, and a prescription, and saying it would help my headaches...but what I really heard was that it would make me sleepy, so, I didn't take it.  Didn't even think about it anymore. 
Turns out that was the wrong move.
My doctor very gently explained why I start taking minimal bedtime...for that very reason...etc., etc.
I humbly agreed to take the medicine he prescribes for me from now on.  I also now have to take some kind of blood pressure medicine, along with 800 mg Ibuprofen as needed, along with the happy medicine I was already taking.  Five different medicines in all...I don't think I'm THAT sick, actually, I just think he likes to write prescriptions.
I lit a blueberry candle when I got home from work ... that was about six p.m.  I've moved it from the living room into my bedroom, and I'm looking at it now.  For some reason it's just really calmed and contented me all evening...I don't know if it's because of the smell, or if it's because I lit it.
I have to go to bed now and I hate to blow it out.  Blueberry candles, what an epiphany...