Friday, July 23, 2004


There is a local radio station in town that is perfect.  Perfect!
They play whatever...with no regard to musical genres, or eras...
It's a high school radio station across the river!  They don't have a very wide listening area...their deejays are high school students...they operate on grants, no commercials...
The song playing right now is "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown".  Before that it was "Dream Weaver".  I have also heard REM, The Supremes, and The Wallflowers tonight.  And lots of songs that I've never heard before, but I like...
Ahhh, and now we have Journey's "Who's Crying Now"...
See? Perfect!


  1. Hi Sweetheart,

    Sounds like a radio station I would love.  They have no such stations like that here.  I love that song, Bad, Bad Leroy Brown.  I remember that song and the words so well like it just came out.  I also love The Supremes.  That was one of my favorite groups.

    I just miss all these old songs.  

    I hope you are having a nice weekend.


  2. There is a college station here that sounds similar. Seton Hall's "Pirate Radio". Fun stuff!

  3. Wonder if I can get it way over here!!!  What is the number on the dial?

  4. I would like to have a station like that!

  5. I wish I could find a station like that.  I rarely listen to the radio anymore...too much of what I don't like.  

  6. That must be great to have a station like that.  I know I would like it.   john  BTW   thanks for visiting my journal  john

  7. You named all songs that I LOVE!!  Does sound like a perfect station.  I recently found one here in Pittsburgh that plays Classic Rock.  I don't always hear something I like or even recognize, but for the most part it's pretty good music.  A good radio station is a jewel to find!