Monday, July 12, 2004

The perfect hour...

The perfect hour is that time of the night when you've forced yourself to stay up way too late, even though your body is so tired, and your eyes don't want to stay open...
And finally, on your own terms, you turn off the light, and take off your glasses, and collapse on your bed...
And you turn over on your pillows, and cover up with your comforter (because your bedroom is nice and cold thanks to new air conditioner)...
And you think...
There, did you see it?  That was the perfect hour.  After you lay down, and before your mind remembers that you probably have things to worry about...there is that time when it's dark and you're resting and you can think about whatever you want, for free.


  1. Hope you had a wonderful night's sleep!!  -Jan

  2. Yes! I can see that perfect hour clearly! I do this more often than! Great entry!


  3. Ahhhh yeah, isn't that the greatest?!!?  Hope you had a wonderful sleep.  :o)  Julie

  4. After reading that you majored in Philosophy and then reading this entry, I thought of Hieros Logos – Pythagoras.  “Never suffer sleep to close thy eyelids after thy going to bed, till thou have thrice reviewed all thy actions of the day:  Wherein have I done amiss?  What have I done?  What have I omitted that I ought to have done?”
    I wish we knew more about Pythagoras, I did read he was one of the first humanists, he would teach both females and males equally.  
    Just stopping by.

  5. mmmmm hmmmmm, oh yes yes yes.  
    you've described it perfectly.

  6. I love that moment too.  Stretching out, relaxing, taking a deep breath and letting it all out.  How wonderful is that?!