Thursday, July 22, 2004

I want a lazy river...

Around and around we went yesterday, in the Congo River at Holiday World.  My newly 12-year old daughter and I, resting up from doing lots and lots of water slides...
"Ah, this is the life...", and "Mommy, steer me away from the water mushroom", were the most we could manage for conversation...
Except for the discussion about where we would put our lazy river if we were billionaires...I said outside in the backyard...she said inside...I said this is what we would do all day, she said that if we were billionaires we would have to work sometime to make all that money...
And we went around and around...without a doubt this was our favorite moment of the day!


  1. Hi Michelle,

    I am so glad you are doing fun things with your daughter.  I also love water parks and the lazy river sounds appealing to me right now.  Where is this water park at?  We might go to the one in Rockford, IL.  I have to see what cutiepie says since we are already going to Great America.

    Sounds like you are destressing yourself and that is just what you need.

    Keep at it sweetheart!!!!


  2. Michelle~

    Aaww...sounds like you two had a wonderful mom/daughter time!  It's always good to do that now and then.  Glad to see you are getting some stress-relieving activities in your life!!


  3. It sounds like a great lazy river kind of day!!  Glad you had some time to finally relax and enjoy it!!  Hugs, Julie

  4. Ahhh...I love lazy river rides! They are the best. -B

  5. Lazy Rivers are the BEST!!!  I agree with you both.  If I was a billionaire I would have to have one too.  I'm thinking you could both compromise on where to put it.  How's this for an idea ~ Have it be inside and outside.  It'll run through your first floor, and there would be a sliding glass wall that would open to the outside backyard.  That way you could float in the house and out of the house.  You'd have to plan a little waterfall too, so you'd get a light dunking everytime you went under it.  Smiling!  Oh I LOVE TO DREAM!!!!!  You, me and her would have a blast sitting around making plans.  Hugs!!!!