Monday, July 26, 2004

I was going to post a quiz tonight, but I just can't...maybe tomorrow...
I'm going to bed...I might get six hours of sleep if I go right now...which of course I can't do if I'm sitting here...
It's been an interesting summer so far - not quite what I expected when it first began...
Last year around this time, my daughter had surgery and was stuck at home in bed, and for those few weeks I was off work to take care of her.  In spite of the hardship, we had a great time with it.  We spent lots and lots of time together...I discovered the huge expense of having to change bandages every day...but eventually we grew to look forward to that daily chore, because I changed bandages every night at 10:30 p.m., and we would watch X-Men Evolution together.  (I haven't seen this cartoon on lately, it was really great!)  She would lay on her bed and read, and I would lay on the couch beside her and read...sometimes we would read to each other.  When she got a little better and stronger, we borrowed our church's wheelchair and ventured out into the world...she eventually made a complete recovery, for which we were so thankful.
It's amazing that, sometimes, such hard times can hold such good memories. 
This summer has been harder than I expected, in different ways...I'm still waiting for the perspective to come to tell me what the good things were, and are, this year...I know it's'll come to me! 


  1. I know what you mean about finding the good that happen with the bad...sometimes we don't see the answer right away, but it's there just waiting for you to find it.  I was thinking the same thing today...even tho this hasn't been the best summer in the world...I sure have enjoyed my time with Josh...and I am just dreading school to start...I'm gonna miss him!!
    Hope you get some well needed rest!  And thanks for the birthday wish!! :o)
    Hugs, Julie

  2. it's truley ironic (and a little humorous), how we can make good memories from the hardships and bad times. If it weren't for those bad times we would never know how truley blessed each and everyone of us are. I hope you get your much needed rest!! After all you've been through you need some zzzz's chic!


  3. I have felt your pain.  I wish I could give you words of comfort.  But I am not sure I can.  I just know it can be overcome.  She will do it when she is ready.  Just pray it will happen soon.  john

  4. Hi Michelle,

    You are right about hard times holding good memories.  

    I am sorry you are going through hard times this summer.  I am here if you need to talk.  Please remember you have a friend in me when you need to vent.

    I am also glad you know that good times are ahead because remember the saying that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.


  5. It never fails to amaze me when I'm going through a difficult time, it feels like the world has ended.  I literally fall apart, crying, feeling overwhelmed, don't know what to do, all of it.  Then later on when I look back I remember things like ~ All the people that were there during that time who wanted to help and listen.  I consider that a HUGE blessing, and as a result of their love my heart opens even more to love them.  In the midst of difficulties, there is always something good.  Always.  Love you!!!!