Saturday, July 17, 2004

It all comes to this...

When there's really nothing else to say:
I'm miserable with the world's worst headcold, and I'm dizzy from the cold medicine I'm taking.
I've been getting ready for my daughter's birthday party today.  Her birthday's Wednesday, but since most of my family has to work on Wednesday, I'm having her party today.  Then Wednesday I can have her all to myself!
I've been helping my mom decorate for 'HeroQuest' this coming week.  Lots and lots of different types of 'hero' posters.  The point is to stress to the kids who their hero really should be, but still...
...the Bruce Lee poster is really really cool.  I'm thinking of bringing it home after VBS is over, and framing it.  Just looking at it makes you want to take a Kung Fu stance and start doing jumping kicks in the air.
I'm off to bake a cake, wrap presents, etc., even though, with this cold, I really just want to lie down.
Play through the pain!