Saturday, July 17, 2004

It all comes to this...

When there's really nothing else to say:
I'm miserable with the world's worst headcold, and I'm dizzy from the cold medicine I'm taking.
I've been getting ready for my daughter's birthday party today.  Her birthday's Wednesday, but since most of my family has to work on Wednesday, I'm having her party today.  Then Wednesday I can have her all to myself!
I've been helping my mom decorate for 'HeroQuest' this coming week.  Lots and lots of different types of 'hero' posters.  The point is to stress to the kids who their hero really should be, but still...
...the Bruce Lee poster is really really cool.  I'm thinking of bringing it home after VBS is over, and framing it.  Just looking at it makes you want to take a Kung Fu stance and start doing jumping kicks in the air.
I'm off to bake a cake, wrap presents, etc., even though, with this cold, I really just want to lie down.
Play through the pain!


  1. Take really good care of yourself, chick!!!  

    Be sure to make C wait to open mine til Wednesday.  (smiling)  She'll be opening so many today, that when Wednesday comes she'll be looking forward to it even more.  

    I hope the party is so much fun!!!!  Even though you probably feel like your head is going to explode.  (groaning)  I'm sending lots of positive, healing vibes your way for a quick and complete recovery!!!!

  2. I am so behind on catching up on old is your daughter?  I so miss Bridget when she was young.  I can not wait for her to have children so I can swoop in and grab the little darling and go play!  My sister told me that Bridget called her and after thinking she had "hung up" the cell phone proceded to have a 20 minute conversation with Scott about "their" children when they (finally) have them! "You listened to the whole 20 minutes?" I asked Peggy, "Yes!  There was no way I couldn't! It was fasinating!" I should write an entry about it! But, I only got it second hand.  Take care! Summer colds are the worst.

  3. The 20 minute conversation was taped as a recording...."Note to self...always lock phone after using."

  4. Oh No!!  I hope you feel better soon!!  And get as much rest as you can!!  I still have a bad cough after being sick over a month ago...  
    Happy Birthday to your daughter!!  I hope you have a great party!  And an extra special day on Wednesday.  :o)  Julie

  5. Awww, I can relate so well.  I do hope the party turns out okay, and perhaps Wednesday you will feel better and can really enjoy the celebration.  Happy Birthday to your daughter.
    I hate headcolds!

  6. Lol. I can't look at bruce lee or jackie chan without wanting to break out in a kung fu stance myself :) Happy birthday to your daughter! I hope you feel better soon :(

  7. I came back today through Angel.. This time I will be staying. I really like your journal, I have read part of it so far. Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Hi Michelle,

    Sorry I have not been here in a while.  I am sorry you are not feeling well latekly.  Tell your daughter Happy Birthday from me.  I am glad there is something you both have to look forward to.


  9. Was that the theme for VBS  Heroquest.  Here they have been stuck on the same one for a couple of years.  Wish they would change   john

  10. Yes, HeroQuest was the theme this year.  Last year we had Kingdom Caper, and the year before Amazon Outfitters.  I think the kids enjoy the change, it's always something new.