Friday, April 23, 2004

Ode To My Neighbors

My neighbors across the street have been remodeling their house for the last few months, and it is turning out gorgeous.  I stepped out on my porch a while ago and watched their TV for a few seconds - they have big picture windows all the way across the front of their house now and we now have a great view of their giant widescreen TV.  I can almost see it flickering through the windows of my house, it's that big.
All kidding aside, and besides the fact that they let us watch their TV, I'm always struck by how lucky I am to have neighbors like this.  They are quite possibly the best neighbors, anywhere, ever.  I'm very lucky, let me tell you...
One day it had snowed 20 inches here in Louisville.  I was coming home from work early in the morning, and GOT STUCK TRYING TO GET IN MY DRIVEWAY.  It's been documented, I'm a bad driver - I had no idea how to get unstuck.  I go back and forth, back and forth...suddenly I see a figure come up beside my car.  It's Johnnie with his shovel.  He's a hero!  He digs, and digs, and digs...and finally I get out of the street and all is well.
I used to leave my headlights on all the time in my old car.  Johnnie would come over, open my car door, and turn them off for me.
Johnnie's husband, Dwayne, is who my daughter goes to when she's fundraising.  He always buys a ton of stuff from her, and says, "Whenever you're selling something like this, always come to us, we'll buy whatever it is". 
One time I had a box sitting on my front porch.  I wasn't home.  Johnnie and Dwayne were.  They saw a stranger come up to my porch, grab the box, and take off down the street.  Johnnie (and please don't do this at home) takes off after the guy and confronts him a couple of blocks down.  Johnnie: "I saw you take that from my neighbor's porch, I need it back!"  The thief: "Oh, did they want this box?"  Johnnie retrieved the box from the thief and kept it for safekeeping until we got home.  I couldn't believe Johnnie did that, he could have been hurt!  But he did it anyway.
The list goes on.  I can only hope that I've been as good a neighbor to them as they've been to me.  It's so comforting to know that they're there, watching over me... that's what being neighborly is all about. 
We all need to watch out for each other like this. 


  1. Wonderful, wonderful neighbors!  You have guardian angels living right across the street from you.  Any idea of how blessed you are??  Wow!  Big kisses and high fives to Jimmy & Don!!!  ((If you can, maybe post a pic of what they're house looks like now.  i'd love to see it.))    A big screen t.v. and a couple of guys, why am i NOT surprised??  giggling  

  2. like what you did to your about me section, BTW, and the click for hunger (thank you, sweetheart).  looks very good.

  3. I'm so glad to see the "About me" section!! Thank you.  Now anyone who puts "Kentucky" in the search window will find you!  Yes, people have misconceptions regarding KY.  I think they visualize all of us up in the Mountains with shotguns and chickens.  Haha. Your neighbors sound wonderful. When I lived in the Highlands, I had a neighbor who would scape the snow off his car and then do mine.  Ah, Louisville.  How I miss it.  Came up yet again yesterday for the Cherokee Triangle Arts Show....great weather for it.  

  4. LOL! Anna, you are so funny.  Yes, it figures that the first thing two guys would buy in their nice newly bigger house would be a bigger TV!

    I sometimes forget how blessed I am, until I hear about other houses being broken in to.  It wouldn't be that easy to do that here, because my neighbors are always watching out for me.

    I'm glad the About Me section looks okay, I still feel kind of iffy about it, but I know it needed to be there, thanks Alphawoman for prodding me on that!

  5. Alphawoman, yes!, all the time when I talk to people all over the world when I'm at work, do I hear the funniest things about KY.  Usually they're false assumptions, but sometimes they actually have some kernel of truth!

    Louisville is a beautiful, friendly city, I'm so happy to live here.

  6. Wow! You really do have wonderful neighbors! It makes me feel bad that I've lived here since 1973 and barely know my neighbors enough to say hello to them if we're in our front yards at the same time.

    1. We really do...well my mom does, now, since I don't live with her anymore. The thing is, the same people have lived on that street for fifty years...and then when their parents died, the children inherited the houses and moved in, and also family members have bought houses next door or across the street...That's why everybody knows everyone else.

      In my apartments, I don't know anybody. I've lived here 5 or 6 years now. Wait, I know my brother, he lives in the building right behind me. I can look out my window and see his front door. It is a little comforting, actually.