Monday, April 19, 2004

More Chicago Notes

I can't ever seem to start writing until I'm exhausted and incoherent from lack of sleep.  It's very interesting.
The most beautiful thing we saw on our trip:
How to choose? I think that by far the most beautiful thing in Chicago is the LAKE.  Impossibly blue and, to the eyes, as big as the ocean, it's hard to look away from it.  And sometimes there's fog in the distance and you can't tell where the water ends and the sky begins. The trip is worth it for the view alone.
The other beautiful thing is the "American Windows" by Chagall at The Art Institute of Chicago.  Stained glass, more blue, and light, and hints of reds, pinks, greens, yellows.  It's just wonderful. How did I go to Chicago twice before now and miss this?
The best moments of our trip:
For me?  The tour guide dropped us off at the RainForest Cafe and uncharacteristically gave us more time than we needed.  My daughter and I seized the moment, ditched the restaurant as quickly as we could, and ventured out on our own. It was only an hour to ourselves, unscripted, but it was the most fun we had all week. It was like playing hooky, and I got to go to Walgreens.
My daughter says the best moment was getting back to the hotel every night so she could lay down and watch TV.
It's the simple things...
The prize for the strangest thing we saw:
Goes to the big ugly black spider we saw hanging from the top of the building, outside the window on the 103rd floor of the Sears Tower.  How did it get all the way up there?  Everyone else was excited about it...while I was just happy that it was outside, not inside.
2nd place goes to the 6th grade girls' rendition of "Amelia, Amelia, Amelia". 
The new favorite tourist thing that we've never done before but definitely want to do again:
That would be Medieval Times. I've always held out on going there because I thought it would be cheesy.  And it is!  But great fun, as well!  Where else can you get a great meal and front row seating to jousting and some great Buffy-worthy fighting?
The one thing I need to work on:
Where did my money go? Gift shops should be outlawed for people like me who have no sense of self-control when it comes to buying pencils and postcards.  I think I have about 200 dollars worth of pencils and postcards still left to unpack.
My daughter is much smarter than me, she spent all her money on stuffed animals.  At least she has something to hold!


  1. LOL!  you get some free time and you go to Walgreens!  i should've guessed.  i really should've.  LOL

    Where did your money go?  God, can i understand that question.  seems to fly right out of my pocket sometimes.  we can all work on that one.

    did you take any pictures of the Lake?  I'd love to see it.  Never been to Chicago, but now I might have to go, just to see it in person.  I love beauty like that.  I'll probably want to find a spot to sit down and just stare and daydream for an afternoon.

  2. I remember the first time I saw the Great Lakes. I truly was in awe. My daughter lived just outside of Chicago after living in Europe for 5 years (now, there's a culture shock). It was the dead of winter and I froze my backside off. The wind went right through me but I had to see and so I did!

    1. Oh yeah. I know both feelings!! The culture shock, and seeing the Lake for the first time!