Tuesday, April 27, 2004


When did it become decided that we are the way we are?
What if we just refused to be what people expect us to be, and instead be what we want to be? 
Maybe more later on this, it's just a thought...


  1. Wouldn't it be so great if we knew when we were doing it? Rather then than after.  Sometimes I get a sick feeling in my stomach.....Sometimes it would be great to be "bad Mary" vrs. "good Mary" etc. etc.  Especially "sploiled selfish" MAry vrs "giving, nurturing" Mary.  

  2. I hope I can remember how I got here so I can come back and visit some more.  Nice journal.


    {don't let the title scare you}

  3. Alphawoman: Yes! Exactly, it's like we're trained to act and react in certain ways...

  4. ckays1967: Thank you so much for your comment, and compliment! I'm going to visit your journal now...

  5. deep thinking, hon.  if my brain wasn't so fried, i'd try to say something intelligent (or at least somewhat intelligent).   Oh what the heck, i'll try anyway.......

    You have a valid question.  i see my daughter playing house already:  cooking in her little kitchen with little pots and pans, giving her babydoll a bottle and putting her in a cradle to sleep, pushing a lightweight manual sweeper over the floor.    All the excitement she displays "playing house".    It's all preparation for the day she'll REALLY do it.  

    i guess we start "creating" our kids, as they are born and mature.  life just seems to fall in place that way.  But i do believe it is VITALLY important to let them make their OWN choices in life.  

    If my daughter chooses NOT to be a ballerina like her mom was for 15 years, and instead decides to be an auto mechanic........well, i might inwardly groan a bit (i mean.....think about her nails.  all that grease and gook under them.   :::cringing:::),  (lol), but ultimately i would want her to be happy.  IF yucky cars make her happy, then go for it angel face.  

    Look forward to hearing MORE of your thoughts on this matter.  I have a strong feeling you have alot to say about this subject, and I'm dying to know what is on your mind!!!!   kisses, sweetheart.

  6. Absolutely, I agree, I want my daughter to make her own choices, and I think I've made my own choices too.  I just wonder sometime if, while I think I'm making a choice, subconsciously the choice has already been made and there was never a chance of me choosing the other path.

    (sigh) I don't know. I don't really have any answers on this...I'm just feeling out of sorts lately, as if I'm supposed to be doing something but I'm not quite sure what it is.

    Maybe if I start getting a full night's sleep like I did that one night last week, I'll be better able to figure this out.

    Maybe that's the thing I'm supposed to be doing! LOL

  7. If we did what we wanted rather than what eople expected of us we'd be.... happy!

  8. Tammy: ! That was so funny, you made me laugh.  What a great answer, and so true!

  9. Replies
    1. I don't know. This question still tumbles around in my head sometimes. I feel like I put on a different face for different people. I think they are all me, maybe, but not completely. I just want to know who the me is that I don't have to put on.