Thursday, December 19, 2013

December Photo A Day, Days 17-19 - Tree, Big and 'Tis The Season To

Day 17 - Tree

Can you tell this is a tree?

Every time we have an ice storm, there are two willowy trees in front of my apartment that bend completely to the ground with the weight of the ice.

When the ice melts, the trees stand back up.

What looks like Christmas lights up there is actually the setting sun behind me glinting off the branches.

Day 18 - Big

I begged Chelsea to help me with this one.

We decided our kitty was pretty big (!), so Chelsea grabbed her and went and took a picture.

Then we laughed hysterically at the expression on my poor kitty's face.

My cat's big, right?!?!

She was just a kitten when I got her, and then she grew and grew and grew. For YEARS, she kept growing. She's apparently a Maine Coone mix, they're the ones who keep growing and get big and furry like that.

Day 19 - 'Tis The Season To

'Tis the season to GIVE.

Chelsea took this picture for me as well. This is one of our local Angel Trees. Instead of exchanging presents with people who have everything, you can take names from the Angel Tree. 

This way your money and time goes toward purchasing clothes and toys for a child who may otherwise not have a Christmas at all.


In other news, I'm trying my hardest to make it to January. That's when I get my days back and I can take a day off and just THINK.

The ability to stop time would be so handy. I want that.