Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December Photo A Day, Day 10 - `R` is for...

Photo, Day 10, `R` is for ray of sunshine after a snowy morning

As usual, I had nothing to do with the idea behind or the taking of this picture. This time Dwayne was my go-to person...

Me: I need something that starts with `R` that I can take a picture of.
Dwayne: How about `R` is for this ray of sunshine that I'm staring at right now?

See? That seems so easy, right? But my mind does not work that way. Creativity just isn't my thing.

Dwayne took the picture, too. He's so awesome...

The picture was taken after my appointment at the doctor's office this afternoon. School was cancelled this morning because it was snowing snowing snowing and then by 3:30 the sky was completely clear and migraine sunny.

When I walked out of the apartment this morning, my world looked like this:

You know, snowing

I was late to work today. I live on top of a very steep hill. Mom came the back way to pick me up, and the car slid in the snow right past my entrance. 

She had to turn around and come back up the hill, and nearly got stuck. 

But she didn't. Unlike my sister-in-law, who DID get stuck on Friday, and had to leave her car at my mom's...and Dwayne, who also got stuck on Friday, but managed to back out of it.

Living on a hill is hilariously funny at times.