Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December Photo A Day, Day 2 - Where I Stood

View from my grandparents' back porch

A day late! Oh, challenges challenge me...

I took this picture in July, I think. This is a picture I took from where I was standing on my grandpa's back porch.

On the right you can see a very small part of my grandma's rock collection...she has rocks lined up like that around both sides of the backyard fence, and both sides of the garage, and both sides of the shed. She had a crazy thing for rocks - everywhere she went, she came back with rocks. Even from places where you weren't supposed to get rocks from. Think Painted Desert.

Those are her flowers on the left, below them is a stone that says Grandma's Garden.

That swingset's been there since I was little. My grandpa made it. It's set into the ground in concrete, so I guess it'll be there forever.

There used to be a huge oak tree in that space where that water thing is now.

We've held several wedding receptions in this backyard.

Over to the left, out of view of the camera, is my mom's backyard. 

Even though I live a few miles away now, I consider both of these houses my real home.