Thursday, December 5, 2013

December Photo A Day, Day 5 - In the Cupboard

For the December Photo Challenge, Day 5, here is a photo of what I have in the cabinet above the microwave. I put all my special glasses and stuff up here because it's so high up and kind of hard to reach.

This is, once again, a Chelsea photo. I can't help it! I'm laying down because it's been a migraine week, AND she is so much better at taking pictures than me. 

Look. I MADE her, so, it's almost the same as me taking them, right? HAHAHAHAHAHA LOL Okay, I know, not really...

If you look closely at the picture, you can see what my treasures are... Derby glasses, because, you know, where I live! Apollo space program glasses, because, you know, I'm a big geek. 

The most special of all are the painted wine glasses, those were done by my very talented daughter herself. She is ULTRA skilled at arty stuff.

That very noticeable pumpkin thing in the middle is NOT mine, I don't think. It's a communal special cupboard, apparently.

Tomorrow I swear I'm going to work and getting back in the game. My head isn't going to bother me any longer. I'm taking my life back. Well, I'm going to try.