Thursday, December 12, 2013

December Photo A Day, Days 11 and 12 - Green and Joy


For Photo Challenge Day 11, I give you Green - Chelsea in a floor-length, handmade cape. The outside is black lace, the inside is green felt. It's hand-stitched... 

It took Chelsea forever and ever to make this, I would look inside her room and see her sewing away. I have no idea why she doesn't use a sewing machine! The button is also handmade. My girl is truly talented. :)


For Day 12, I give you Joy - Me, taking my beautiful baby daughter out in her first snow, 21 years ago. 

My mom took this picture, I'm standing on the front sidewalk, still living at home, of course. I'm still a teenager, fresh out of high school, just started college, still wearing my high school jacket - the one and only RED piece of clothing I've ever owned. :) 

I have to laugh when I look at this picture. Inside the house we had me, my mom, and my grandma all fussing over baby Chelsea to make sure she didn't get a chill on her 1-minute foray into the weather. The result is the wrapped up baby you can barely see here, LOL. :)