Sunday, December 22, 2013

I'll know my name as it's called again...

Just taking a quick break from the Photo thing to make sure I'm alive...I'm alive, right?

The migraines just keep coming, they keep coming. I may get a couple days of relief, sometimes even three or four days, but that's it.

I've convinced myself that they're much less worse than they used to be, but on a day like today, I'm not feeling it. I'm just feeling pain.

The other day, my mom was telling me about how 'comparatively' lucky she is with her know, compared to the kids of some people she knows. Meaning, her adult children (me and my brother) aren't felons, alcoholics, drug addicts (that one's iffy), homeless, disrespectful, evil human beings. 

She couldn't stop there, though! LOL...she had to point out that she's very lucky with us, our only problem is that we're a 'mess'.

Well, okay, that's true! But we get it from her, so there!!

But I have goals for the new year, I really do. I actually had goals last year, and I don't think I accomplished any of them. Except maybe I went to work more. Yay! I accomplished one thing!!!

So here's my goals...some of them are pretty lofty. For me, that is.

2014 Goals:
1. Try to start driving again.
2. Try to go to church again.
3. Try to handle my own money again.
4. No floor-sleepers.
5. Try to go to work every day.
6. Get rid of migraines.

7. Go outside.
8. Try to clean.
9. Go to the supermarket.
10. Go outside some more.
11. Consider going to the supermarket.
12. Play my instruments again.

Okay, that's all I can handle right now. I thought of several more but I was getting extremely anxious just writing these down as it was. So ridiculous, some of them. I used to have a life, and now I'

Okay, two more:

13. No self-pity.
14. Really, it was just one more, but I'm a tiny bit superstitious. :)

Love y'all. :)