Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Spring Break

Of all the places we could go...

My daughter's spring break... oh, when will it be over?

I decided against taking her somewhere big since I could only get off work for three days in the middle of the week, and it wouldn't be cost-effective, and we're taking a big trip up to Chicago in a couple weeks.  

But now I know I should have taken her somewhere, anyway, due to the amount of money I'm spending keeping us doing "fun" things around town.

It's really my fault - both of us would rather just lay around the house than do anything else.  But then I would be compelled to pay bills or reorganize my books or something.  

So for two days now, we've gone and gone and gone.  Next time I'll know what to do - take her anywhere that's not here and let her watch Disney Channel all day at the hotel while I read my books.  That way I won't be guilted into being productive like I would be by staying at home, and we wouldn't be running all over town dropping money and getting tired from all the fun we're having.

So far, we've done two movies, the science museum, Chuck E Cheese, two 'fun' restaurants, as well as spending $57 at Barnes `& Noble (books are my downfall every time).  The only free thing we did was spend a couple hours at the Main Library downtown.

Thursday, if it doesn't rain, it will be Six Flags.  And then, though I can't believe I'm saying this, I'll thankfully go back to work on Friday.  I need the money.

It really has been fun just spending time with my daughter - the best part has been talking in the car as we're going from place to place!