Sunday, March 14, 2004

Midnight Blue

A very strange weekend, as usual.  There's always things going on that I can sense but have no idea what it's about.  Undercurrents, tension, etc., regarding the people I love, swirling around me while I remain clueless.

Or maybe I'm the one causing the weird things? 

I saw "Hidalgo" this weekend, it was a nice movie.  Kind of long, but nice. 

I haven't been able to talk about seeing "The Passion" last weekend, yet.  It was like seeing truth.


  1. The Passion had a profound effect on me.  I cried through the whole movie.  Thank goodness i had some napkins on me, otherwise i would've drown.  When the movie was over, I couldn't move.  I just sat there in my seat and stared at the screen.  So incredibly powerful.  I can't imagine anybody seeing it and NOT feeling totally different afterwards.  they would have to be completely heartless and cold.  i look forward to hearing your thoughts on the movie.  Especially regarding the hype around anti-seminism.  

  2. I cried and I'm not even a believer.

    1. Yes, I think that's how the movie effected so many people. Jesus was an actual historical person who the Romans killed as an example to the rest of the Jews, when all he was trying to do was get people to love their neighbor.

      The faith of Christians took the meaning to a whole other level, but even to a nonbeliever, it's painful to watch. We have King and Gandhi, who, just like Jesus, were pacifists who eschewed violence in favor of love and peace, and yet they were murdered. The Passion could have been speaking for all of those past and future injustices.