Monday, March 29, 2004

Sometimes, there are rainbows...

It was cool and drizzling when I left my class this evening.  

Then I got stopped by the train on the walk to my car.  

As I stood there shivering, I noticed what looked orange glints of light reflecting off the train.  

I turned around and looked to the west and saw a spectacular sunset.  

I had been walking east in the rain and it was completely gloomy, but all I had to do was turn around to see that the sun was out of the clouds and that the sky looked like it was on fire.  

I turned around again to check on the progress of the train when I noticed the double rainbow in the sky.

I pointed out the rainbow to some other people waiting on the train and we all stood in admiration.  Then the train passed and we all continued on our way.

I got to my car slightly damp, chilled, and ten minutes later than usual, and I didn't mind at all.  I would have missed the beauty if it hadn't been for the train forcing me to slow down, and just look.


  1. An absolutely beautiful entry!  Thank you for sharing it.  These are the kind of things I truly appreciate.  Not everybody stops and enjoys the view.  It seems most people are in a rush to go somewhere to do something.  But if we are always rushing, we never get to stop and breathe.  To me that is a complete shame.  Thank you for sharing this with me.  It made my night.

  2. Another thing that really strikes me about this entry is this:  in one view you see gloom, and by turning around you see beauty.  That just goes to show that things are NOT always what they seem.  Sometimes you need to just look a second longer to see the beauty.  

  3. This entry was pointed out to me by fellow journaler Annalisa [thanks girlie].  Beautiful entry - There's nothing like stopping and really taking in the moment.  There's even more beauty in sharing that moment with others - a common thread. :)

  4. I always hate it when I see this kind of beauty and don't have my camera with me.

    1. Me too... Things are slightly better know with the iPhone, but even then the iPhone pictures are not as good as a real camera. But at least now I have SOMETHING with me at all times...