Thursday, March 11, 2004

Diet Pepsi and music

It has to be the greatest promotion ever.  I am a diet Pepsi junkie and an internet music junkie - and now my interests are combined.  Free music!  

iTunes is my new favorite place, thanks to their new genius advertising. Every time I buy a diet Pepsi, it seems I win another free song.  Free free free.

Free things make me happy.


  1. Rebel me always went to the sites where I could pirate the music! LOL

  2. Oh make no mistake, I did too! That's how I originally built up my library, LOL. Started on Napster, then went to BearShare, then went to Blubster, then Chelsea got old enough and I went into the 'I don't want to know mode'.

    I pretty much pay for my music now, I figure I'm not a kid anymore and I can afford it once a month if I save up, lol.