Sunday, March 28, 2004

The trees, where are the trees?

I don't seem to be doing a very good job keeping up with this journal.  I don't know why i thought that I could do it when I can't even keep up with my private journal.  I'm usually just too tired to even think about trying to form coherent thoughts here...

Winter is my favorite season but every year when spring comes it just takes my breath away by it's beauty.  In the southeast everything all of a sudden is green and the trees are flowering and the daytime is special and the night even more so.  I go outside at midnight and drink in the beauty of the black sky and the smell of the flowers and the sounds of the wind moving through the huge oak and maple trees that line up and down my street.

That is, until the older lady two houses down decided to cut down her oak tree two weeks ago.  That was followed last week by the family the opposite way down the street.  Then my grandparents next door said they were cutting down their huge oak, and yesterday the cute couple across the street said they have also decided to cut down their oak. 

How? Why? WHAT?!!!

No more rustling leaves, no more shade, no more comforting presence surrounding me at night.  No more beauty.

If I wanted to live in a land with no trees, I'd live in the desert.
I guess I'll have to plant four more in my own yard to keep up the balance.  All the birds and squirrels in the neighborhood are going to love me.


  1. I guess I'll have to wait on the planting - the 17-year cicadas are coming out in May. Bummer :(

  2. that is an absolute shame!  i love tree lined streets as well.  they have such charm and beauty.  I love the shade, the rustling of the leaves.  Autumn is an incredible sight.  what a shame!  i can definitely feel for you.

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    1. My brother and I planted a Bradford pear and two dogwoods in my mom's front yard (that's where I was living at the time I wrote this), and a Bradford pear in the backyard.

      Bradford pears grow FAST. The one in the front yard got HUGE, and I thought it was awesome, but this summer mom started talking about damaging roots, etc., and the tree is dead, woodpeckers, blah blah. I could see the woodpecker damage when I took a closer look. It's a good thing I got a great picture with my iPhone because the very next day a storm came through and knocked the whole tree down.

      So now I gotta plant ANOTHER tree, LOL.