Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I`m back

I'm back, for what it's worth.  The light went out in my room, and so I didn't spend much time in here, including computer time.

Yes, I know that you don't need a light to get on the computer.  But there was stuff on my chair, and I couldn't see to put it away, and it was just confusing.

I asked my love to change the lightbulb way back on Friday.  He forgot.  So it went unchanged, until finally my mum took pity on me and changed it.  After I begged her.

I have a good reason for not changing it myself.  Okay, a few good reasons, if you include that I'm just lazy and that I would have had to bring in a different chair to stand on. 

The real reason was that there were dead bugs in the lamp underneath the light.  You know, those little gnats that get obliterated up there by the heat?  There were about six, I think.  I have a real fear of bugs, even dead ones.  If I see a bug in the living room, I go in my room and shut the door and make a phone call to my dad to drive over to my house and kill it. 

So anyway, the light bulb has been changed and it's one less thing...


  1. LOL!  your poor but sweet dad!  he deserves a big kiss for coming to your rescue even after all these years.  

  2. You must be related to my youngest son!

    1. Is he a bug avoider? Or a work avoider? We probably do have that same gene, LOL...