Saturday, February 12, 2005

Sunday again...

I had to take my mom to the E/R Friday night, as she started having terrible pain and pressure...she knew right away it was a kidney stone, since she's had one before.  It took the doctors and nurses several more hours and labs and scans and tests before they also came to that conclusion and finally injected her with some awesome pain medicine, gave her a prescription for more, and sent us on our way...
I've been watching lots of ER lately on TNT and so I half expected some beautiful doctors and nurses to be taking care of us, but no...they were just regular people.  How disappointing!  LOL! 
My daughter was a big hit, she had taken her drawing pad and pen to work on her comic books (that's her current project, she's back making comic books)...all the doctors and nurses and patients had to stop by and take a look and praise her work...
Mom's okay, although she's still very uncomfortable...she's drinking lots of of water and taking lots of pain pills. Hopefully she'll pass it this weekend. I hope hope hope...
D and I went and saw 'Sideways' was so good!  Except that I left the movie theater with such an urge to go and buy an expensive bottle of wine, so that I could have some idea of what they were talking about in the movie (I know nothing about wine...first of all, I'm from Kentucky, we're famous for Bourbon and Whiskey, we don't do wine!...and secondly, I don't drink anyway...).  But other than feeling a little out of the loop on the wine thing (well, actually, I guess you could say I'm out of the loop on the whole alcohol thing!), it was such a good movie...all about love.
I'm definitely a romantic...if there's any kind of love in a movie, that's what I pick up on and think about. I guess you could say I LOVE love!


  1. Ouch, I know how painful those kidney stones can be, my step-dad had those a couple of times and was very ill.  Hope the painkillers are working, and that your Mum passes those stones quickly.
    Take care my dear.
    Sara   x

  2. Oh No about your Mom!!!  I sure hope she passes the stone quickly!  Jim got lucky and passed his within 24 hours...I hope the same for her!  
    Sounds like a very nice nite at the movies!!  :)

  3. I feel so sorry about your Mom.  My boss had an attack at work one morning last year and he was on the floor!  it was so scary.  Glad you daughter was the center of attention and praised.  that is go important for kids.  And the movie, I am dying to see it!  But I guess I will have to wait for the DVD.

  4. Hi Michelle,

    I am sorry about your mother's kidney stone.  They are very painful.  No, you do not see these handsome doctors in real life.  Back in 99, I saw more doctors than anyone would ever see and they were all geeky looking.  LOL !!!!  I also saw med students and nurses back then and not much better LOL !!!!!

    I am glad your daughter is back into her art work.  It is great therapy.  I also am an art fanatic.  I can send you to a couple of art journals if you are interested.  I talk to one of those guys in fact.

    BTW, in reference to your last entry, I also have Princess Bride on tape that I recorded years ago and I love that movie too.  I also saw it in the theaters.  It is a very good classic.  I hope I can get the DVD one day.


  5. I hope your mom passes that stone soon. I've never had one but my grandma and uncle have and from what I hear, it's very painful! Mom will be in my thoughts and prayers ;-)
    The movie sounds great, i'll have to check it out.
    HUgs & blessings,