Wednesday, February 16, 2005

As you wish...

I might be a little too tired and sickly to make a coherent entry tonight...I guess we'll see!
(although I don't think it's going to work because my eyes keep drifting shut as I write this...)
I took my daughter to the first consultation visit with the orthodontist today.  The visit started out great and ended up with me having a splitting headache...oh my GOSH it's going to be expensive to put her in braces!  My insurance only pays half...I used to think I had good insurance, but lately, with all the doctor bills I've been getting, I know the truth!
She still has a yucky oozy gross ear infection, of course...the orthodontist was really interested in that, as chronic ear problems can affect orthodontry for some reason...when I explained she's had this infection since November I just got a blank stare. 
Monday will be third visit to her new ENT, I'm going to be more assertive when we see her this time...being assertive isn't my strong point, usually I'm kind of vague, but I think I'm going to have to tell the ENT that I don't want to do anymore 'try this' and 'try that'...she's an ENT, for goodness' sake, there must be a way she can fix this!
Well, now my adrenaline's pumping, that woke me up a little bit! LOL
Valentine's Day was great...among other things, D bought me a copy of 'The Princess Bride' (one of the best movies ever!) on DVD...I guess it's finally time to get rid of my old VHS tape of it (in the original box, no less)! I'll be sad to see it go...but my new DVD has EXTRAS!
I like DVD extras.  A lot. :)
Okay, I'm back to shutting one eye and then the other, and swaying back and forth to stay awake, I definitely think it's time to go to bed!
Good night...
p.s. My mom still hasn't gotten rid of that kidney stone and is having a bad week...she's insisted on going to work and because of that, she can't take any pain medicine until she gets home in the evening.  Stubborn!  Let's just hope and pray she gets rid of it soon, it has to be any day now, right?!