Wednesday, February 16, 2005

As you wish...

I might be a little too tired and sickly to make a coherent entry tonight...I guess we'll see!
(although I don't think it's going to work because my eyes keep drifting shut as I write this...)
I took my daughter to the first consultation visit with the orthodontist today.  The visit started out great and ended up with me having a splitting headache...oh my GOSH it's going to be expensive to put her in braces!  My insurance only pays half...I used to think I had good insurance, but lately, with all the doctor bills I've been getting, I know the truth!
She still has a yucky oozy gross ear infection, of course...the orthodontist was really interested in that, as chronic ear problems can affect orthodontry for some reason...when I explained she's had this infection since November I just got a blank stare. 
Monday will be third visit to her new ENT, I'm going to be more assertive when we see her this time...being assertive isn't my strong point, usually I'm kind of vague, but I think I'm going to have to tell the ENT that I don't want to do anymore 'try this' and 'try that'...she's an ENT, for goodness' sake, there must be a way she can fix this!
Well, now my adrenaline's pumping, that woke me up a little bit! LOL
Valentine's Day was great...among other things, D bought me a copy of 'The Princess Bride' (one of the best movies ever!) on DVD...I guess it's finally time to get rid of my old VHS tape of it (in the original box, no less)! I'll be sad to see it go...but my new DVD has EXTRAS!
I like DVD extras.  A lot. :)
Okay, I'm back to shutting one eye and then the other, and swaying back and forth to stay awake, I definitely think it's time to go to bed!
Good night...
p.s. My mom still hasn't gotten rid of that kidney stone and is having a bad week...she's insisted on going to work and because of that, she can't take any pain medicine until she gets home in the evening.  Stubborn!  Let's just hope and pray she gets rid of it soon, it has to be any day now, right?!


  1. has your daughter had her tonsils out?  My daughter is 13 and we have been thru all the ear infections and all the upper respiratory and sinus infections...finally i found an ent who said...lets take out the tonsils....did it november 8th...havent had one single sicky till this week...and it is sinuses not ear or respiratory...


  2. Princess Bride --- LOVE it!!! Have you read the actual book??? Of course you have <LOL>  But, if you haven't, you should.

  3. It just breaks my heart that your daughter is still hurting.  There has to be something that they can do to make her feel better other then "let's try this and that"???
    I am also very glad to hear that you had a very good Valentines!!  
    I hope you are sleeping right now!!!!!!!!!  Take it easy girl!!!

  4. I see "kidney stone" and instantly that episode of Friends pops into my head where Joey is at the hospital while Phoebe is giving birth to her brother's triplets and Joey is feeling pain too. The doctor tells him it's "Kidney Stones." Joey says he wants another opinion and the Indian doctor changes his inflection and says "OK, It's Kidney STOOOONES." Cracks me up. The Princess Bride cracks me up too. Inconceivable!  Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

  5. Surely there must be something they can do for your daughter, that's ridiculous having an infection last that long.  Am not surprised you're cross!  
    DVD extra's are coooool aren't they!
    Sara   x

  6. im so sorry your daughter is having to deal with this...i am sure it is very painful for her...i remember when i got braces many moons ago and how expensive it was for my parents sure its way more now...good luck! we are trying to replace all of our vhs's now also...dvds are just far better in every aspect...hope u get plenty of rest...give your daughter a big hug...


  7. Hope you're all feeling better.  That is so strange about your daughter's ear.  I would be pissed that no one has really been able to help her for such a long time.

  8. Hi Michelle,

    I just can't sit here when I am tired.  That is a sure fact.  So you are ahead of me on that one.

    Braces.  I wore them from 3/21/02 through 11/12/04 and I didn't like one penny of it nor one itty bitty bit of it.  My cobra only paid 1/2 of it too so I know that is their policy on braces.  I also had braces back in 1973 and 1974 and what a waste since I had to do it again.  I now have to wear a retainer.  Whenever you want to ask me anything or talk about it, I am here.  Or email me or IM whatever you are comfortable with.

    I still can't believe that ENT has not cured the problem.  Are these doctors from the arctic or something???

    Anyway, let me go on and read about your mom and I pray for all of you.


  9. Omgoodness I hope your mom passes it soon. That is one strong mom you have chic! There's no way I could go to work (with NO MEDS!) Go MOM! She will be in my prayers.
    Good luck with those braces. I can't imagine how much they will be by the time my kids are that age. 2 of my nephews have them and there not cheap! I hope C is feeling better ;-) I think you should get assertive too and demand that do something else. I can't believe how long it's been and she's still not better :( I've been praying for her from the beginning and will continue to. There HAS to be SOMETHING they can do. I will pray those doctors get a clue!! (seriously)
    Love, Blessings and Hugs,

  10. Your poor mama!  Glad you had a nice V Day.  Bridget had braces for 2 and half years. She has such a beautiful smile.  Perfect teeth.

  11. Poor C.  I cannot believe she must suffer this way!  Even when an ENT is involved!!!  There HAS to be something they can do to help her for goodness sake!!

    You are a very lucky woman to have D.  He loves and adores you so much.  Why you won't marry the man, I haven't a clue!  I would more than likely jump at the opportunity, but it never seems to come my way.  

    I'm thinking of you, and sending you much love.