Wednesday, October 20, 2004


There are some very bad things going on with my checking account this week...I've decided that ignoring it is the best course of action.
I thought my daughter was doing better, but she woke up twice last night, crying, with ear pain...I'm taking her to the doctor tomorrow morning.  That will make the fourth doctor visit for us, in the last five days...I'm hoping this is the last one for a while.  It seems to be just at night that she is having problems, once she gets up and gets moving she seems to be fine.  That makes me think it's drainage, causing her ears to hurt and her cough to get worse at night...I'm not sure, hopefully this doctor tomorrow will help us a little more!
I've been kind of out of sync and my journal is suffering because of it...I miss it!
My grandma wanted to know what we thought about drawing names for Christmas this year, instead of buying for everybody (not including the kids, they will get presents from everyone).  GREAT!  It means less presents for me, but also more money for me!  GREAT!  So I asked my mom how she thought we would do my boyfriend's gift, since he usually gets my mom and my grandparents something, and they get him something, but he doesn't buy for the rest of the family (aunts, cousins, brother, SIL, etc.), so we wouldn't want to put his name in and draw my SIL, for instance.
My mom was stumped by that one...until she glared at me and said, "You know, you would solve so many problems by just marrying him!"
"What? You want me to marry him so we can solve the present-giving issue?"
LOL This is a new one!