Thursday, October 7, 2004

Curious sense of inertia

I can't get moving...
I've gotten back into playing Solitaire, Vegas style.  I'm currently -$653.  I just need one more hand, one more hand, so I don't lose my house...
My daughter didn't go to school Tuesday, or Wednesday.  I stayed home with her, even though I didn't have any days left at work.  Who needs a job?
She went back to school today and I thought, okay, why not take another day off (and really be poor)?  This way, I can get rid of some stuff in her room!  I can never get rid of anything in there while she's home, because she absolutely NEEDS everything she has.  She has stuff in there she hasn't looked at in ten years.  So I got a garbage bag for all the McDonald's toys and scrap paper, and a box to put books in.  She has the same book problem I do, too many books and too little space.
I was really getting somewhere, too, but then I got a call from school to go pick her up, still sick.  So I go get her, bring her back home, and WWIII starts when she realizes I've messed with her books. ! ! ! 
I don't know what I was thinking.  I'm very possessive of my books, and, guess what, so is she!
She was very mad at me.
85% of the books that I had packed to go to Salvation Army are now back on the shelves.  She begrudgingly let me have the other 15%, only because they are books that she either had duplicates of, or never finished because she didn't like them..
I hope she feels better tomorrow...I'm a little worried because she's complaining of a headache, and that's rare for her, especially off and on for two days now.  I hear tummy ache often, but not headache.  I'm taking her to the doctor tomorrow if she still doesn't feel well in the morning.
Otherwise, things are going okay...still having some problems but I'm working through them.  I have a beautiful daughter, and wonderful family and friends.  I'm very blessed and thankful to be here!


  1. I hope daughter feels better ;-)   I'm glad your here too, i'm blessed to have you as a friend ;-) Have a good weekend!
    ps) I'm the same way with my books...

  2. Anybody messes with my books and I am irate!  Sorry she is feeling so bad.  The weather has given me a stuffed up nasal head....such is the joy of season change.

  3. I love that game!!  And I play it the same way...just one more game...just one more game.
    I am the same way about my books.  Even was I was a kid!!  
    I sure hope she is okay!!  Please keep me updated!!
    *huge hugs*

  4. This is something we need to do with our sons room. He is almost five and mixes "everything" together. Lol. I have been trying to do this for the past few weeks. Maybe this weekend. We will see. :o)
    Glad you are able to see all the great things about life even when things are hard, that is what I always try to do. :o)

  5. My kids are possessive of everything too!! I don't where they get it...(umm me)

    Hope your daughter is feeling better soon!


  6. Oh parents sold a bunch of my childhood book collection at a yard sale without asking me first. Granted, I haven't lived at home for 15 years and probably should have cleared all my things out of their storage room long ago, but it was still heart breaking. They sold my collection of Judy Blume books...Nancy Drew...Pippi Longstocking! Oh the humanity! *sob* Someone got a GREAT deal. Many of those books were worth some serious coin. Hope they figure out what is going on with your daughter soon! -B

  7. I hope your daughter feels better! I was faced with a dilemma yesterday when my daughter called from scool sick. I was so afraid that I would catch the heat if I needed to leave, but then I thought, hey its my kid and she needs me. Yes my check will be short, but I have been poorer!  So I left and we ended up spending 4 hours in the ER! But it was time spent talking and looking at a magazine together! Even though she was sick, I think she felt better having me there with her instead of another fmily member. Heck I am 40 and still want my Mom around when I am sick!  Good luk!

  8. Hi Sweetie,

    You will have to tell me where is this solitaire site where I can play for money so I also don't go broke.

    I know what you are going through with this job, money and having to stay home with a sick child.  Don't leave Kentucky or should I say don't move to Chicago because here they don't understand anyone taking off from work and people here lose jobs fast.  I know you are good about your attendance but here they are way too strict about everything.

    I also have to get rid of things in my house but I am LAZY.