Monday, October 25, 2004

Strange noises...

Catching up...
My daughter did have a sinus infection when we took her to the doctor, and they put her on Zithromax and something for the sinus drainage...
She was so miserable.  I took her last Sunday and they said bed rest, Motrin, etc. ... why couldn't they have given her the antibiotic then?  Is it because it was acute care?  (sigh) I'm just a little frustrated over having to take her BACK to the doctor just a few days later, even sicker...
But she is doing much better now.  I hope...I've said that before and then she got sick again!  But not this time, right?!!! 
I have so much I want to talk about, but by the time I sit down it's time for bed!  (okay, past time, since it's now 3:12 a.m. and I have to get up at 6 a.m.!).  I'm going to be sensible now and go claim my two and half hours sleep! :)
More tomorrow...


  1. Glad she is doing better.  Sinus infections have been bad here this year....john

  2. do you live in the ohio valley too. lol  I just moved into a big house and we pulled up all the carpeting (cuz my kids have horrible allergies) and refinished the hard wood floors hoping that the kids wouldn't be so bothered by the dust etc.  should have kept the capet the kids still have constant allergies.
    hope your baby is feeling better soon.

    ZYRTEC is wonderful.

  3. lol i just read that you DO live in the ohio valley.  I knew this b4, must have had a blonde moment.  forgive me

  4. So glad your daughter is doing better ;-)
    I haven't had much time to talk this week either but hopefully i'll be able to catch up with everyone soon! Thanks for all your comments, kind words and prayers, it's been a very rough 2 weeks!

  5. I sympathize - my kids are both sick too, and I'm frustrated because they don't seem to be getting better, despite antibiotics and such.  Acute care annoys me, too.  I hope your daughter recovers quickly, poor sweetie.  Thank you so much for your comments on my journal - I really appreciate your warm wishes....and I think you ROCK out loud too :)

  6. (((((Michelle)))))
    I know how you feel about the acute care....very simular to what happen with Josh.  Thank goodness she is now on the Zithromax...that's what I was on for my ear infection and it works REALLY good.  I pray that she starts to feel better real soon.  AND I hope you get some sleep Missy!!!  You don't wanna get sick now too!!!!   I know...easier said then done.  :o)
    Your in my thoughts and prayers.
    *huge hugs*