Monday, October 25, 2004

I'm through...

My head hurts...
Why has my head hurt every day for the last month?  Why why why?
I take it back, I think there were two days this month that I didn't have to take any headache medicine.  But for the most part, it's been like today, my head gripped in this intense migraine that not even Excedrin can get rid of...
It's really affecting my rosy outlook on life, you know?
I got the bank straightened out, for now, and it only cost me $180 in overdraft charges.  Yes...$180.  My head hurts so much I'm not even calling them to complain...maybe if I feel better...someday...I'll have the strength to argue with them!
My daughter has finally gone to bed.  I practically had to beg...if I wasn't suffering this debilitating headache, she wouldn't have gotten past me and past her bedtime like this.  This is a sure indication that she's feeling better, since first she was doing something with her beads/craft kit...and then her fingernails didn't look right...and then she wanted to read the last chapter of her book. (sigh) Okay, there's no 'practically' about it, I DID have to beg!
Is there life outside this headache?  What's life like without this headache?  Are there people having fun out there, with no headaches?
Headache, headache...will you PLEASE GO NOW?!


  1. I am sorry about the headache.  Wish Iknew what to tell you.  Yes there is life without a headache.  john

  2. I am sorry about your headaches.  I used to have them something horrible. Dr. said it was from birthcontrol, so I stoped and now I have 3 headaches daily~~ Kandace, Tori & Kiera well 4 if you count the bears fan too. lol.

  3. Have you seen the doctor about your headaches?  Maybe you need migraine medication.  My wife has to take it on occasion.  I hope you feel better soon.

  4. ((((Michelle))))
    Oh man...what is next for you????  I will say a prayer tonight for you!!!  I sure hope you feel better soon, and if you don't...please go to the doctor!!  
    You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    *huge hugs*

  5. I know this may be overly simplistic, but is it possible you need a new prescription for your glasses or, if you don't already weqar them, is it possible you need glasses?  I was having the same problem about 9 months ago.  I finally got my eyes checked and gpot new glasses, and voila, headache gone.

  6. Everyone is suggesting possible headache causes...LOL I may as well join in. Any chance Fall is creating havoc with your sinuses? I've had some major headaches in the last couple weeks. This tree crud is killing me! -B

  7. Sorry to hear about your headache.  I get really bad migraines and I consider myself a really tough person, but when my head feels like someone is drilling nails into it, I can't take the pain.  I hope you're feeling better....soon.

  8. Have you had a neck injury? That is what was causing CT's headaches, well still is, but anyways, that was the culprit. I am feeling for you on the overdraft fees, you and I are on about the same loss track this month, because I made a mistake, Grrr on me. I hope you daughter feels better. Z-Pak is a great med for sinus and upper respiratory infections. She should feel better in about 48 hours. It can be tough on the tummy so hopefully she wont be inthat small percentile that has that side effect. Hang in there kiddo! And go to the Dr's about that headache! Ya hear! Take care!

  9. Yes yes go away.  My poor dear.  I used to suffer from migraines around 1989-1993.  I got a new job and got rid of the husband I had at the time.  Sorry to hear about our pain.  If I could absorb it from you through the computer I would and fling it out the window.