Sunday, October 13, 2013

Let the moon follow me home...

It's widely known that I am a soft touch. I am incapable of saying no. If you ask for me something, I'll give it to you. If I see you need something, I'll share what I have. I am very easy.

So, in January, when Chelsea says, Best Friend's dad is kicking him out and he has nowhere to go, can he stay here for a couple days? Of course I said yes. It was cold, and he had nowhere to go.

Best Friend is still here. It's October. That's nine months he's been here.


Best Friend sleeps on the floor in the living room. When he wakes up, he sits up, gets on his computer, and, still sitting on the floor, plays on his computer all day until it's time to go to sleep. 

Best Friend does this every day. No job, no school, no cleaning, no cooking. I'm beginning to see why everybody keeps kicking him out.

In the meantime, it's been a struggle having to feed an extra person. He eats a lot.

He told me a couple of months ago he was transgender. But he never talked to me about it again. Chelsea calls him, her, except for when she forgets and calls him, him. But he didn't ask me to call him, her, or tell me a different name, and he dresses the same. But okay, past tense, he, present tense, her.

She's gotten into fights with Chelsea and threatened to leave, has even disappeared for a couple days, leaving Chelsea devastated. 

Best Friend is supposed to be on medication for schizophrenia but doesn't take it. She says she can't get a job because she has a record that needs to be taken care of but she doesn't have the money.

Dwayne is so upset over the situation he is beside himself. I didn't listen to him, you see. He wanted me to say no. He always wants me to say no. We'd be several thousand dollars richer if I could just say no. Well, past tense. Times are hard now and there's no more thousands or even hundreds to give away. :(

I don't want Best Friend out on the streets with nowhere to go. That defeats the purpose of her staying here all this time. I've tried to have talks with Best Friend about owning her life, self-sufficiency, and having a plan...but I don't think they've gotten through.

THE POINT IS, I really don't mind Best Friend being here...and that's the problem. It's not fair to Dwayne. It's not good for Chelsea. It's not healthy for me - I'm supposed to be working to get out of my bedroom and instead, I'm stuck in here because Best Friend lives in the living room.

I suspect there's something in my lease agreement stating Best Friends aren't supposed to stay overnight, indefinitely.

This may be silly, but the only thing that really worries me is Best Friend getting upset again, leaving one day, and leaving the door open, where my kitty can get out and get lost. Everyone else is upset over things I don't care about. I just want my kitty to be safe.

That's all. It's an unwinnable situation. It seems I truly have adopted a 22-year old child; one who will never work, clean or cook; and will apparently never leave.

Please, don't tell me how dumb I am, I tell myself every day. I guess I just felt like telling YOU. :)

I'm sure it'll all work out...