Monday, October 28, 2013

30 Songs in 30 Days, Day 16 - A song that you used to love but now hate

You'll have to forgive me.

Day 4 of migraine.

I believe this one is blood pressure related. Either I have a headache because of high blood pressure, or, my blood pressure is high because I have a headache.

My bp has always been a solid 120/80, except for when I have a headache.

But the neuro put me on pills, because my pressure was high the last time I was in her office.

So...I took them for a while, but then I felt okay, so I took myself off of them. I just didn't want to be taking all those pills all the time. I decided to scale back whatever I could.

That was apparently a mistake.

I dragged myself to work today and finally realized this was a different kind of headache. 

Blood pressure = 151/98.

It's never been that high in my life. Mom, Chelsea and Dwayne said Emergency Room. I say the E/R can't do anything more than I can do here.

So anyway, if I seem more slow, sluggish and stupid than usual today, that's why.

Now, task at hand! 30 Day Song Challenge -

I don't hate any songs! I've decided this challenge is unfair, as it's forcing me into boxes, and I don't wanna go! 


Protest over. There is a song that I rather dislike that I used to love. It has nothing to do with the song, and everything to do with the artist.

I wish it didn't. I'd much rather not know anything about any artist's personal life, so I could keep enjoying their music and books and movies and art.