Friday, October 25, 2013

30 Songs in 30 Days, Day 13 - A song that is a guilty pleasure

I have a lot of guilty pleasure songs.

LOTS, that I am totally ashamed of.

But my biggest guilty pleasure is...

EMINEM. Marshall Mathers. Slim Shady himself.

The reason why he's my biggest guilty pleasure? don't know?

Because 1) Guilty: he's been accused of misogyny, bigotry, homophobia, racism, and probably other things I don't know the name of.

Because 2) Pleasure: He's been called a songwriting genius by his peers and his critics alike. He has an extraordinary vocabulary and works to expand it daily to make rhymes fit in songs where no one would ever have thought to force a rhyme into that configuration. He's that good.

This is a good song and I don't hear any of the bad stuff in it. I still feel very guilty for listening to it and enjoying it every time, so (sigh), I guess I'm just going to keep on doing it! :)

It's a guilty pleasure...